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Entries by Jason Linkins from 06/2009

George Tiller Murder Prompts Second Look At Scandalized DHS Report

Posted 06.01.2009 | Politics

In the wake of the murder of Dr. George Tiller, The Plum Line's Greg Sargent is making a lot of sense: You may recall the enormous controversy that e...

NYT Edits 'Sharp Tongue' Sotomayor Headline

Posted 06.01.2009 | Media

As you may have heard, there was this one time that Judge Sonia Sotomayor totally interrupted a government lawyer, for the first time ever in the hist...

Zipcar CEO Tells CNBC: No One Wants Chrysler, GM Products

Posted 06.02.2009 | Business

Zipcar's experience reveals what has to be the biggest barrier to reviving these automakers: nobody wants to even borrow their cars for a few hours.

Pat Buchanan Criticizes Sotomayor For Learning English (VIDEO)

Posted 06.02.2009 | Politics

Via Crooks and Liars comes this video of Pat Buchanan basically demonstrating why everything he says on teevee about politics should be dubbed out in ...

George Tiller's Clinic To Reopen, 'Resume Normal Operations' [UPDATED]

Posted 06.02.2009 | Politics

UPDATE: The Wichita Eagle is reporting that Tiller's clinic will not be resuming operations on Monday, "countermand[ing] a statement by longtime clini...

Meghan McCain Unhappy With Being Deemed Less Influential Than Dick Cheney [UPDATED]

Posted 06.02.2009 | Media

Megan McCain's response to the Washington Monthly's Steve Benen about Cheney seems to be the sort of weird petulance that could undermine her strong advocacy.

Shepard Smith Calls Cheney's Gay Marriage Stance A "Cop Out"

Posted 06.02.2009 | Media

As I've said, it is a simple fact that former Vice President Dick Cheney has long been willing to provide nominal support for gay marriage. Yet, as m...

Playboy Scorned For Hateful Attack On Conservative Pundits (And The Rest Of Today's Scritti Politti)

Posted 06.02.2009 | Media

Circumstances conspired against me doing what Chip Hanlon advises on these pages today: heap a ton of scorn on Playboy Magazine and writer Guy Cimbalo...

Obama Indicted At Birthers' "Citizen Grand Juries" (VIDEO)

Posted 06.03.2009 | Media

The Washington Independent's Dave Weigel -- who, like a Jane Goodall of political madness, has logged many an hour studying the panicky paranoid fring...

Media Beating Race-Based Critique Of Sotomayor To Death

Posted 06.03.2009 | Media

The people at Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting have run down, from soup to nuts, the way in which the Sotomayor-is-a-racist talking points issued fo...

Buchanan's Creepy Racial Obsessions Continuously Rewarded By Media (VIDEO) [UPDATED]

Posted 06.03.2009 | Media

I continue to wonder precisely what ancient ritual the people at MSNBC perform, on a daily basis, that absolves them of the consequences of airing -- and rewarding! -- these sorts of statements by Buchanan.

Obama Mideast Trip Exposes The Secret Muslimness Of Brian Williams (VIDEO)

Posted 06.03.2009 | Media

Sweet Golly Goshens but does Matt Drudge have the scooplet of the century! He's got a picture of NBC Nightly News anchorman Brian Williams -- who was...

Mohammed Sohail On Robbery Turned Act Of Charity (VIDEO)

Posted 06.03.2009 | Politics

Media Monitor Chad Capellman flags the clip, below, of Shepard Smith, conducting a very touching interview with Mohammed Sohail, the Long Island shopk...

Bruno Vs. Eminem (And The Rest Of Today's Scritti Politti)

Posted 06.03.2009 | Media

Alex Balk notes that the not everyone was pleased by the stunt pulled by Sascha Baron Cohen and Eminem at the MTV Movie Awards this past weekend. Ste...

NYT's Sorkin Forced To Admit Successful Unionized Companies Exist

Posted 06.04.2009 | Media

On yesterday's Morning Joe, the New York Times' Andrew Ross Sorkin started a wee bit of a kerfuffle when he followed up a Jim Cramer "card-check-will-...

Senator Graham Admits His Opposition To Sotomayor Not "Doing The Country Any Good"

Posted 06.04.2009 | Politics

Back in the rough and untamed ancient days of 2008, Senator John McCain used to trod this earth under a banner that read "Country First." His good fri...

Hal Turner, Talk Radio Host, Facing Charges For Inciting Violence Against Officials

Posted 06.04.2009 | Media

The onetime candidate for Congress and inveterate threatener of public officials has run afoul of the law, and will face charges in Connecticut,

Liz Cheney Restates Iraq-9/11 Link Her Father Disavowed, Chides Mitchell For Disagreeing

Posted 06.04.2009 | Politics

Liz Cheney continues to be the gift that keeps on giving. Today's installment is downright Orwellian, In an interview with NBC News' Andrea Mitchell,...

Ignored In Obama Speech: Shift From Bush On Muslim Charities

Posted 06.04.2009 | Politics

I credit Spencer Ackerman for being the guy who got me looking for the many ways President Barack Obama applies counterinsurgency strategy to policy a...

Drudge Concerned Over Suspicious Mustache (And The Rest Of Your Scritti Politti)

Posted 06.04.2009 | Media

Seems like it was only yesterday that I, along with the rest of the world, were setting our hair on fire in panic at the news on the Drudge Report tha...

Jeff Sessions Irked By Crying Child: "Enough With The Histrionics" (VIDEO)

Posted 06.05.2009 | Politics

Yesterday the Senate Judiciary Committee had a hearing on the Uniting American Families Act, a bill that will "amend the Immigration and Nationality A...

Was AOL Reporter Tommy Christopher Sacked For Criticizing Misogynist Playboy Piece?

Posted 06.05.2009 | Media

Earlier this week, we mentioned how Playboy had published a sociopathic, hateful, and unfunny listicle by Guy Cimbalo, listing the ten conservative wo...

The Dick And Liz Cheney Show Rolls On; MSNBC Defends Air Time

Posted 06.05.2009 | Media

How on earth has the Dick and Liz Show come to be elevated as equally important to the President of the United States?

National Review Perplexingly Depicts Sotomayor As Asian

Posted 06.05.2009 | Media

Good gravy, have you all seen the cover that the good people from the Journal of Lowered Expectations known as the National Review have put together? ...

Kid Reporter Damon Weaver Returns To DC For Award Ceremony

Posted 06.05.2009 | Media

Good news for people who like news about eleven-year old journalist wunderkind Damon Weaver! The Florida native will be making a return journey with ...