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Entries by Jason Linkins from 10/2009

Why Did Sen. Schumer Attempt To Limit The Press Shield Law?

Posted 10.01.2009 | Media

The U.S. Congress has been working all year on the development of a federal shield law, which would offer journalists a "qualified privilege against d...

Funny Or Die's Insurance Company Parody Draws "Response" Video

Posted 10.02.2009 | Comedy

For your viewing enjoyment, here's a "response" video to the Funny Or Die "Protect Insurance Companies" fake-PSA from last week. Response videos can ...

Is Sean Hannity Afraid Of Glenn Beck?

Posted 10.02.2009 | Media

Yesterday afternoon, The Plum Line's Greg Sargent posted a speculative bit of Fox News palace intrigue, wondering if Sean Hannity's recent targeting o...

Internet Finally Discovers Glenn Beck Photoshoot Video, Freaks Out

Posted 10.02.2009 | Media

Your interwebs are blowing up today at a YouTube clip that documents a Glenn Beck photo shoot, where the Fox News host has a substance, presumably Vic...

Newt Gingrich Topless Bar Snafu: Owners Speak To Rachel Maddow (VIDEO)

Posted 10.02.2009 | Politics

Newt Gingrich Topless Bar Snafu: Owners Speak To Rachel Maddow (VIDEO)

Obama's Texting-While-Driving Ban Exempts Law Enforcement, National Security Personnel

Posted 10.02.2009 | Politics

Good news, America! President Barack Obama has seen all of your hysterical news reports and grisly British PSAs on texting while driving and has done...

Hollywood And Washington, D.C. Are Very Much Alike

Posted 10.02.2009 | Media

In yesterday's Los Angeles Times, John Horn and Tina Daunt wrote about the extent to which the Hollywood community is terribly out of touch with the ...

Marxist Teleprompters Attempt To Sabotage Glenn Beck Show

Posted 10.02.2009 | Media

We'll leave you this Friday with this bit of video from our ace Media Monitoring friend Jon from News1News, which captures Glenn Beck reacting to a mi...

TV SoundOff: Sunday Talking Heads

Posted 10.04.2009 | Media

Here's Bret Baier here talking foreign policy with various Senate titans. Evan Bayh, Lindsey "Jowly Dave Foley" Graham, Bob Casey and Saxby Chambliss. Exciting. A lot of refreshing perspective!

The New Yorker's Larry Summers Profile: What Was Left Out

Posted 10.05.2009 | Media

One would expect Ryan Lizza's epic New Yorker piece on Larry Summers to be somewhat glossy, but, yeah: you can basically tape this piece to the back of your child's Halloween costume for traffic safety.

Columnist Defames Dead Man Wrongly Called Child Molester By Her Paper

Posted 10.06.2009 | Media

Jonathan Turley flags an absolutely appalling column in the Toronto Star written by Rosie DiManno, concerning the suicide of a Toronto teacher named D...

Betsy McCaughey, Dylan Ratigan Spar Over Health Care Reform

Posted 10.06.2009 | Media

Betsy McCaughey is a famous liar whom the media keep inviting on their programs to continue to lie about health care, instead of banishing her to some...

Media Pimping Mythical Obama-McChrystal Rift

Posted 10.06.2009 | Media

The Washington Independent's Spencer Ackerman doesn't go for a whole lot of media scolding -- a point he reiterates today in a related blog post, sayi...

Gov. David Paterson Offers Jay-Z Critical Endorsement

Posted 10.06.2009 | Media

One thing I have to give New York Governor David Paterson is that he gets hip-hop right more often than not. Today, according to New York Magazine's ...

Fox News's Shepard Smith Goes After Sen. John Barrasso On Public Option

Posted 10.06.2009 | Media

Earlier this afternoon, Fox News's Shepard Smith demonstrated some of that trademarked independent thinking that so often gets him in dutch with the c...

Fox News Correction: False Claims About Kevin Jennings

Posted 10.06.2009 | Media

As Greg Sargent reported yesterday, Fox News ended up having to issue an "online correction of the false claims the outlet had been making while wagin...

Fox News Ignores White House Afghanistan Meeting To Obsess Over Czars

Posted 10.06.2009 | Media

Lawmakers met at the White House to have a discussion on the war in Afghanistan. But Fox News' Neil Cavuto chose to spend his time fearmongering about the White House's Special Master for Compensation.

Colbert On Afghanistan: "Just Not That Into Being Invaded"

Posted 10.07.2009 | Media

On last night's edition of The Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert targeted the War in Afghanistan in a metaphor-laden monologue, during which he describe...

Anonymous White House Sources Praise White House In Important Journalistic Scoop

Posted 10.07.2009 | Media

Yesterday, Glenn Greenwald tore apart a piece of stenographic PR that ran in the Washington Post. Titled "Obama Team Says Zazi Case Illustrates Balan...

Cato Institute's Julian Sanchez Fisks Fox News's PATRIOT Act Report

Posted 10.07.2009 | Media

The Cato Institute's Julian Sanchez has been following the debate on PATRIOT Act renewal, and has publicly despaired about the quality of coverage dev...

Betsy McCaughey Media Obsession: What's The Point?

Posted 10.07.2009 | Media

Columbia Journalism Review's Greg Marx will have to be a little bit more specific on what "concerns" of mine he feels I am "overstating," but beyond t...

Meet The Senators Who Voted Against The Franken Amendment

Posted 10.07.2009 | Politics

I think that all homo sapiens can understand how the mere thought of an organization that receives government money through contract mechanisms being ...

Mary Cheney Baby News Not Received Well By Conservative Base

Posted 10.07.2009 | Politics

The conservative base can usually be counted on to support all things Cheney, especially when we're talking about Dick "The World's Most Interesting D...

Andrew Sullivan's McCaughey Mea Culpa Hints At Internal Struggle At The New Republic

Posted 10.07.2009 | Media

Speaking of Betsy McCaughey, her return to the spotlight has prompted a second round of mea culpas from The Atlantic's Andrew Sullivan, who was the ed...

Elizabeth Warren: "The Middle Class Is Under Terrific Assault"

Posted 10.08.2009 | Business

Warren, who chairs the Congressional Oversight Panel, which makes her your last, best -- maybe only -- hope at getting the TARP money back, touches on several areas of enormous interest.