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Entries by Jason Linkins from 12/2009

Rupert Murdoch Comes Out For And Against Government Intervention In Journalism

Posted 12.01.2009 | Media

Rupert Murdoch brought a strong message for members of Congress: Don't even think about bailing out journalism with taxpayer money! And then, Murdoch delivered a whole bunch of other, decidedly mixed messages!

ACORN Hearing: A Barrel of Laughs, A Bucket Of Nuts

Posted 12.02.2009 | Politics

Approximately 60 people showed up yesterday to watch Representative Steve King (R-Iowa) brandish a plastic bucket of acorns as his colleagues Lamar Sm...

Sarah Palin Bowling Expo Keynote Speaker

Posted 12.02.2009 | Politics

Of all the things that have ever been said about famed Vice Presidential nominee and occasional Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, none have been as trencha...

Critics Of Obama's Exit Strategy Have Argument Backwards

Posted 12.02.2009 | Politics

The narrative that seems to be emerging from the most bellicose critics of last night's speech by President Barack Obama is that his setting a start d...

Washington Times Set To Enact Significant Layoffs

Posted 12.02.2009 | Media

Here's your update of what's going on at the increasingly chaotic Washington Times.

BREAKING: Politico, Drudge-Baiting And Pointlessly Mystifying The Political Process

Posted 12.02.2009 | Media

Much has already been said about Politico editor John F. Harris's recent idiotic "7 stories Barack Obama doesn't want told" article. Matt Yglesias mak...

HuffPost, TPM In White House Pool: Newspaper Reporters Gripe

Posted 12.03.2009 | Media

According to Politico, a "debate" has been "sparked" over the new White House pool rotation. This debate is raging, I'm sure, among the handful of people who are deeply invested in White House pool reporting.

Senator Bob Corker Praises Police, OnStar For Their Work After Carjacking [AUDIO]

Posted 12.03.2009 | Media

Last night, Julia Corker, the eldest daughter of Senator Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) was carjacked by a pair of suspects in Washington, DC's Penn Quarter nei...

Tea Party Movie Premieres With Congressional GOP In Attendance (VIDEO)

Posted 12.03.2009 | Politics

Tea Party activists got to play the part of the glitterati Wednesday night at the Ronald Reagan building in Washington, DC, where FreedomWorks debuted...

Russell Wiseman, Tennessee Mayor, Assails 'Muslim President' For Pre-Empting 'Peanuts'

Posted 12.04.2009 | Politics

In case you didn't know, President Barack Obama's West Point address, in which he announced his intention to escalate the war in Afghanistan, pre-empt...

John Oliver Confronts Swiss UN Ambassador On Neutrality During World War II (VIDEO)

Posted 12.04.2009 | Comedy

On last night's "Daily Show", correspondent John Oliver followed up a segment on a recent vote in Switzerland to ban the building of minarets with an ...

Glenn Beck's "Christmas Sweater" Fails To Catch Fire In Major Liberal Enclaves... Surprise!

Posted 12.04.2009 | Media

Raw Story and ThinkProgress both relate news today that strikes me as just a little obvious. But, OK: Fox News infotainer Glenn Beck premiered his new...

BCS Flack Fleischer Compares Hated Football System To Macy's Parade

Posted 12.04.2009 | Media

I have to tell you, when I heard that former Bush flack Ari Fleischer had been engaged as the new face of shillery for the college football Bowl Champ...

Washington Post Forced To Correct Report That Public Enemy Called 9/11 A Joke

Posted 12.04.2009 | Media

ABC News White House correspondent Jake Tapper offers up, via Twitter, a Washington Post correction that addresses what Tapper terms an example of "un...

TV SoundOff: Sunday Talking Heads

Posted 12.06.2009 | Media

Welcome to your liveblog of the Sunday Morning Mouth Excretions! Oh boy! Afghanistan with General David Petraeus and a Durbin/Cornyn duet on the same dumb topics we've been hearing about for the past eleventy kabillion months.

Washington Post Profiles Neel Kashkari As Recession-Era Victim [UPDATED]

Posted 12.07.2009 | Business

This weekend's Face Of The Recession is Goldman Sachs's own Kashkari, late of the U.S. Treasury's Office of Financial Stability, where he was in charge of the implementation, such as it was, of the TARP.

Robert Gates On "Meet The Press": Beyond Tedious

Posted 12.07.2009 | Media

Apparently, I wasn't the only one in America who wanted to drive a hot steel spike into his brain watching "Meet The Press" host David Gregory intervi...

"Dwell Time" For Troops Largely Ignored By Media

Posted 12.07.2009 | Media

I was a little surprised this Sunday when two interviews with U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates failed to yield any serious questions on whether ...

GOP: EPA Greenhouse Gas Finding Threatens Kittens, Puppies

Posted 12.08.2009 | Green

Over at the Washington Independent, Mike Lillis pulls a quote from the Republican Study Committee, pushing back on the EPA's greenhouse gas endangerme...

McChrystal: 'Very Comfortable' With Troop-Level Decision

Posted 12.08.2009 | Politics

One of the political sticking points that emerged between the leaking of General Stanley McChrystal's strategy memo and President Obama's announcement...

McChrystal Pressed On Vocabulary Usage

Posted 12.08.2009 | Politics

It never ceases to amaze me how our Congresscritters can reduce a serious matter to such insipidity.

Meghan McCain Slams Hollywood For 'Hating Our Troops'

Posted 12.08.2009 | Media

Meghan McCain went to see the movie "Brothers" and didn't like it. I'm not surprised. Based on the film's current score on Rotten Tomatoes, nobody el...

Will Fox News Enforce Its "Zero Tolerance" Policy On Recent Error? [UPDATE]

Posted 12.08.2009 | Media

Back in November Fox News Channel, in response to a series of widely reported on-air mistakes, issued a memo that stated: Effective immediately, ther...

Fox News Crosses The Line With Presidential Approval Comparison

Posted 12.08.2009 | Media

Owing to my knowledge of recent history, there's one specific type of cross-historical presidential-approval comparison that I was certain would never be made. But what fun would that be?

McChrystal: Coalition Forces Pay Afghan Soldiers Less Than Taliban

Posted 12.09.2009 | Politics

During yesterday's hearings before the House and Senate Armed Service Committees, General Stanley McChrystal and Ambassador Karl Eikenberry presented ...