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Entries by Jason Linkins from 03/2010

Pelosi: We've Had A Year Of Trying To Strive For Bipartisanship (VIDEO)

Posted 03.01.2010 | Politics

One of the things I've endeavored to point out is that if "bipartisanship" is a quality that can only be measured in terms of a final vote count, then...

Alexander: Budget Reconciliation Will 'End The Senate'

Posted 03.01.2010 | Politics

Anyone who has observed the goings-on in the U.S. Senate for the past couple of decades can tell you that the budget reconciliation process is a commo...

Michael Steele Doesn't Want Dems To Hurt Their Electoral Chances By Passing Health Care Reform, Apparently

Posted 03.01.2010 | Politics

Paul Begala, riffing on Napoleon Bonaparte, once said, "Never interrupt your opponent when he's destroying himself." That makes sense to me! What ma...

WSJ Columnist Attributes Low Death Toll In Chile Quake To Friedman, Pinochet

Posted 03.02.2010 | Media

In the aftermath of the Chilean earthquake, it was inevitable that somebody would pen a piece crediting the low casualty rate (next to the Haitian earthquake) to Milton Friedman and Augusto Pinochet.

A Look Back At Harold Ford's Magical Run For The Senate

Posted 03.02.2010 | Politics

Let us now take a moment to mourn the passing of the seriocomic campaign stylings of Harold Ford, Jr., who almost wanted to sort of run for the New Yo...

The BofA Merrill Settlement, In Perspective

Posted 03.02.2010 | Business

In this post-bailout age, many American taxpayers may be wondering to themselves, "Just how badly do the big Wall street banks have our nuts in a slin...

Sally Quinn Will Settle All Of Her Scores, On Twitter

Posted 03.02.2010 | Media

Last week, a world mourned when Dame Sally Quinn, of the Washington, DC Bradlee-Quinns, had her print column -- which I believe was titled "The Drowsy...

This Day In Failed Government Technology

Posted 03.02.2010 | Media

Matt Yglesias points his readers to the website of the Senate Finance Committee, as an example of just how spectacularly behind the curve the federal ...

Romney Got Assist On Book From Fortune's Nina Easton [UPDATE]

Posted 03.02.2010 | Media

When former presidential contender Mitt Romney needed help communicating his ideas with the non-Cylons living in America in his latest book, he got an assist from Fortune magazine's Nina Easton.

It's Apparently Very Hard Being Rahm Emanuel

Posted 03.03.2010 | Politics

As Washington emerges from the icy grip of the Snowpocalypse and slides into spring, everyone's fancy has turned to thoughts of love. The Beltway medi...

The Taxpayer-Funded Cycle Of Moral Hazard

Posted 03.03.2010 | Business

The obvious problem with the all-carrots-no-sticks approach to the bank bailout is that it's done a lot to strip risk and consequence out of the finan...

Mitt Romney Offers TV Audiences Some Of His Patented Warp Speed Flip-Flopping (VIDEO)

Posted 03.03.2010 | Politics

Ben Armbruster at ThinkProgress provides a helpful mashup video of Cylon Presidential contender Mitt Romney doing what he is best known for: wildly fl...

David Broder Takes On His Own Paper For Airing Rahm's Grievances

Posted 03.03.2010 | Media

Things are getting downright strange in the ongoing Rahm Emanuel Media Charm Offensive. Now, the Washington Post's own David Broder is straight up blowing my mind by calling out his own paper for participating in this long con.

Karl Rove Lays Out Plan To Gerrymander America To Oblivion

Posted 03.04.2010 | Politics

The year 2010 means that the government is undertaking a new census, and that means a new opportunity to redraw Congressional districts -- and so, here's Karl Rove, using his perch at the Wall Street Journal to publish a well-placed ad for his services as a gerrymanderer par excellence.

Let's Flashback To That Time Chris Matthews Was Crazy Wrong About Parliamentary Procedure [UPDATE]

Posted 03.04.2010 | Media

Here's something fun you can do with the YouTube Time Machine today! You can go back to January 23rd of this year and watch MSNBC's Chris Matthews be...

But I Thought The GOP Was Seeking To Distance Itself From The Lunatic Fringe?

Posted 03.04.2010 | Politics

Yesterday, Politico's Ben Smith published a story about a RNC fundraising presentation that broadly outlined the RNC's plan to raise funds through app...

CNBC Panel Freaks Out At The Suggestion That Predatory Lending Happened At Any Time Ever (VIDEO)

Posted 03.04.2010 | Business

CJR's Ryan Chittum posts this great video of CNBC anchor-droids just straight up losing their minds the moment Janet Tavakoli, president of Tavakoli S...

McCain's DADT Support Letter Signed By A Bunch Of Dead Guys

Posted 03.05.2010 | Politics

On the matter of "Don't Ask Don't Tell," Senator John McCain (R-Ariz.) once promised that he would listen to "leaders in the military," telling people...

Obama's Poised To 'Get Punked' On KSM Decision

Posted 03.05.2010 | Politics

Speculation in today's Post that the White House is close to reversing its decision to try Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in civilian court is good news for fans of timidity, and bad news for fans of the rule of law.

Judd Gregg Struggles With Basic Civics

Posted 03.05.2010 | Politics

Here's Senator Judd Gregg (R-N.H.), pretending that the Founding Fathers did things that they did not do -- except in Judd Gregg's mind.

Eric Massa And 'Fracking': An Apocryphal Science-Fiction Symposium [UPDATE]

Posted 03.08.2010 | Media

Is Representative Eric Massa a "salty old sailor," or is he a sci-fi loving dork? These are the questions being raised today after he provided an exp...

New York Times Provides A History Of Budget Reconciliation, Finds It To Be Non-Controversial

Posted 03.08.2010 | Media

Over the weekend, the New York Times published online a great infographic, documenting the history of budget reconciliation back to 1981. It definitely cuts through a lot of the bullroar we've heard lately.

Rogue Military Contractors Abetted By Broken System

Posted 03.08.2010 | Politics

The dedicated mercenaries of Blackwater get up to the sort of war-zone antics that I doubt I could get away with at my workplace and yet, they persist and succeed in the government contracting racket.

Kent Conrad's Repeated Explanation Of Budget Reconciliation Not Good Enough For Mike Allen

Posted 03.08.2010 | Media

No discussion of the media's ongoing battle to understand basic seventh-grade civics would be complete without enjoying Jonathan Chait's post in which...

Thiessen Alleges That Embattled DoJ Attorneys Are "Al-Qaeda Lawyers"

Posted 03.09.2010 | Politics

Marc Thiessen's latest defamatory shot at American legal traditions begins with something of a thought exercise -- which I imagine is intended to not ...