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Entries by Jason Linkins from 08/2010

ADL's Ground Zero Mosque Opposition Prompts Pushback

Posted 08.03.2010 | Media

Last week, the entire brain-enabled world was dumbfounded when the Anti-Defamation League, breaking with its stated traditions of being against defama...

Ground Zero Mosque Opposition: The Paranoia About Sharia Law

Posted 08.03.2010 | Media

This boils down to whether you accept that Faisal Abdul Rauf, the imam behind the so-called "Ground Zero mosque" -- after having a long career building interfaith bridges -- has now accidentally exposed his secret plot to destroy America.

Superdelegates Retained By Democrats Despite Their Ridiculous Role In 2008 Election

Posted 08.03.2010 | Politics

Anyone with any sense would agree that the age of the superdelegate had to be brought to a swift end. Unfortunately, "anyone with any sense" and "Democratic Party officials" are two groups that rarely, if ever, intersect. Because a group of Democratic party fat cats refuses to accept the status of "second class citizens," the Democratic primary process will continue to be a needlessly befuddling and problematic ordeal for everybody.

Missing Gulf Coast Oil Appears To Be Welling Up Under Barrier Island Beaches (VIDEO)

Posted 08.03.2010 | Green

Last week, BP managed to finally cap the Deepwater Horizon oil volcano and the media suddenly found itself in the grips of a baffling problem with obj...

Jeff Greene, Florida Senate Candidate, Is The Latest And Greatest Entry In 2010's Yacht Follies (VIDEO)

Posted 08.04.2010 | Politics

During this time of widespread financial misery, one would hope that the election season would yield a crop of politicians capable of relating to the ...

Dan Maes, Colorado Gubernatorial Candidate, Warns Of U.N. Plot To Destroy America With Bike-Sharing Programs

Posted 08.04.2010 | Politics

This week, former Congressman Tom Tancredo (R-Colo.) "made good on his threat" to jump into the race for the Colorado statehouse after a prolonged tem...

Ground Zero Mosque Opponents React Hysterically To Bloomberg Endorsement

Posted 08.04.2010 | Politics

Yesterday, the Landmarks Preservation Committee "voted against protecting the 152-year-old building standing in the way of" the so-called "Ground Zero...

Fourteenth Amendment Reform Prompts Strange Bedfellows In Opposition

Posted 08.04.2010 | Media

Last week, riders on the political crazy train stopped off in Iowa to create a whole new insane plank in the Iowa GOP's official platform -- the resto...

Prop 8 Ruling Exposes Democrats' Weak Support For LGBT Community

Posted 08.05.2010 | Politics

Right now, LGBT citizens are trapped in a choice between a party that opposes their very existence and a party that, you know, kind of wishes them well. And so the typical policy among Democrats is to do as little as possible for as long as they can, figuring that if the Republican party never changes its position, they can string along the LGBT community for a long while before they have to lay their marker down and risk the vote of any single voter who opposes gay rights.

Kevin Pezzi, Big Government's Bizarre Racial-Relations Expert, Is Quite The Sexpert

Posted 08.05.2010 | Media

Over at Andrew Breitbart Presents Big Government, someone named Dr. Kevin Pezzi has been offering up commentary on the recently-defamed USDA official ...

Basil Marceaux Stars In Bizarre Gubernatorial Debate (VIDEO)

Posted 08.05.2010 | Politics

If you happen to have any interest at all in the extraordinarily strange, yet oddly compelling candidacy of Basil Marceaux -- long-shot hopeful for th...

Sunlight Foundation Launches Poligraft, Bringing New Transparency To Political Reporting

Posted 08.05.2010 | Media

Back in May, we made note of how the Sunlight Foundation, wholeheartedly dedicated to jailbreaking the hidden connections between money and power, had...

Target's Promised 'Review Process' For Political Donations Has A Lot Of Anti-Gay Ground To Cover [UPDATE]

Posted 08.05.2010 | Politics

As you may have heard, mega-retailer Target has come under fire recently for contributing to a political action committee called MN Forward, which sup...

First Punish The Unemployed, Then Declare War On The Employed

Posted 08.06.2010 | Politics

Over the past few months, Congressional Republicans and skittish Democrats who've lingered too long at the Deficit Panic Kool-Aid Stand have made life...

Ground Zero Mosque Opponents Must Not Have Heard About Muslims At The Pentagon

Posted 08.06.2010 | Media

One of the best ways of demonstrating that the frantic slavering over "Ground Zero mosques" is nothing but a ridiculous display of pearl-clutchery is ...

Supreme 'Double Rainbow': Two Marriage Equality Rulings Head Toward High Court

Posted 08.06.2010 | Politics

We now have two landmark marriage equality cases wending their way forward through the legal process, with the Supreme Court looming as their potential final destination.

Final Deepwater Horizon Flow Rate Estimate Is Likely Too Low, Which Benefits BP

Posted 08.06.2010 | Green

Over the past few months, I've encouraged anyone with any interest at all in the amount of oil that gushed forth from the Deepwater Horizon well into ...

TV SoundOff: Sunday Talking Heads

Posted 08.08.2010 | Media

Good morning, one and all, to the next Sunday of the rest of our lives, and the political chat shows that dot its terrain. My name is Jason, and this...

U.S. Expands Its Footprint At Bagram Air Force Base

Posted 08.09.2010 | Politics

Sometime around the spring of 2011, lawmakers will begin to ramp up a debate on whether or not the United States should begin withdrawing forces from ...

David Broder Finally Notices The Right Has 'Radical' Views

Posted 08.09.2010 | Media

It took the weird debate over tweaking the Fourteenth Amendment to awake Broder to the "radical changes" bubbling up on the right, that are "freighted with emotional baggage?" Welcome to August of last year, Mr. Broder!

'Other Guys' End Credits Feature Animated Financial Crisis Commentary (VIDEO)

Posted 08.10.2010 | Comedy

There are times during the new Adam McKay/Will Ferrell movie, "The Other Guys," in which the movie subtly acknowledges that it is something of a post-...

Alex Sink, Florida Gubernatorial Contender, Highlights In-Fighting Between Opponents In New Ad (VIDEO)

Posted 08.10.2010 | Politics

So, who is Alex Sink? Well, she is the Chief Financial Officer of the State of Florida and she's running as a Democrat to be the next governor of Flo...

Yelling At The 'Professional Left' Is One Of The White House's Few Joys

Posted 08.10.2010 | Politics

Who is the "professional left," exactly? It's hard to say, really! I gather, however, that Gibbs is referring to a few liberal columnists, some influential bloggers, and a slew of political advocacy organizations.

David Paterson's Mosque Compromise: Bizarre, Unnecessary, Unconstitutional

Posted 08.11.2010 | Politics

Yesterday, New York Governor David Paterson injected himself into the strange debate over the Cordoba House community center (a.k.a. the "Ground Zero mosque") with a novel proposal. If the people behind the community center agree to move their facility somewhere else in New York City, the state would be happy to pay for it. My first reaction to this plan -- besides how deeply cowardly it is -- was basically: "Wow! That sure sounds like it would be crazy unconstitutional!"

Melancon Tacks Positive In New Ad: 'I'm A Pro-Life, Pro-Gun Louisiana Democrat' (VIDEO)

Posted 08.11.2010 | Politics

In the Louisiana Senate race, Democrats have largely focused their attention on incumbent Senator David Vitter's (R-Louis.) checkered past. The Louis...