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Entries by Jason Linkins from 12/2010

WaPo's 'Voices Of The Troops' Sidelines DADT-Repeal-Supporting Majority In Favor Of The Fringe

Posted 12.01.2010 | Media

The Pentagon's study of its own "Don't Ask Don't Tell" policy found that "70 percent of active-duty and reserve forces saw little or no problem with ending the 17-year-old policy."

Maureen Dowd Comic Book... At Last

Posted 12.01.2010 | Media

Most of the time, when you think of New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd, thoughts like "dated pop-culture references, retrograde view of gender rela...

Pentagon Study: Resistance To Racial Integration 'Far More Intense' Than To DADT Repeal

Posted 12.01.2010 | Politics

Greg Sargent's evening read-out noted this highlight from the executive summary of the Pentagon's study of "Don't Ask Don't Tell," cited over at Daily...

WikiLeaks Prompts Orgy Of Media Self-Abnegation

Posted 12.01.2010 | Media

My takeaway from the most recent WikiLeaks document dump of diplomatic cables is that people of great stature seem to have mean things to say about other people of great stature when their backs are turned. This phenomenon is not alien to anyone who had the misfortune of attending an American high school, circa 1919-present, but because the people involved in the WikiLeaks dump are all ranking members of the global aristocracy, Julian Assange must obviously be hunted down and gutted with all deliberate haste! So say the haters, at least.

GOP-Led Smithsonian Controversy Will Likely Make Controversial Artists Better-Known

Posted 12.02.2010 | Politics

I was wondering when the shiny new GOP House majority might get down to some old-school funnin' and gunnin' over The Stuff That Upsets Them In The Cul...

Fred Karger, Openly Gay GOP Activist, Gets Out An Early 2012 Campaign Ad

Posted 12.02.2010 | Politics

Is it too early to start watching 2012 presidential campaign ads? Sweet fancy Moses, yes. Yes it is. But what the heck! Here's Fred Karger, self-s...

Jim Inhofe Is Latest Casualty In 'War On Christmas'

Posted 12.02.2010 | Politics

A scheduled holiday parade parade is making Senator Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.) have a sad because of the way it reminds him of the existence of other holidays and other people who participate in other religions.

Ousted Legislators Sent To Gloomy Basement 'Cubicle City'

Posted 12.02.2010 | Politics

WASHINGTON — Ben Smith has an item up about the sad state that outgoing members of Congress have been reduced to as they are ousted from their p...

Harry Reid Takes Time During Lame Duck Session To Support Online Poker Industry

Posted 12.03.2010 | Politics

During this very tiny window to act, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has asked his staff to work on a bill that would legalize online poker. What the what, now?

'Storage Wars': The Pinnacle Of Post-Crash Reality Television?

Posted 12.03.2010 | Media

Over the holiday weekend, as I sat in the movie theatre waiting for Harry Potter And The Sudden Introduction Of Deathly Hallows As An Eleventh Hour Pl...

HuffPost's Jason Linkins & Eliot Nelson Start A PAC!

Posted 12.03.2010 | Media

In politics, cash rules everything around you. And more and more, that cash is getting passed from anonymous plutocrats and concentrated into the han...

ABC News Reports That ABC News Will Be Awesome

Posted 12.03.2010 | Media

Good news, everyone! ABC News just sent word of a breaking story -- an ABC News exclusive, in fact! -- straight to my inbox. So let it resound: ABC Ne...

TV SoundOff: Sunday Talking Heads

Posted 12.05.2010 | Media


Chris Christie, New Jersey Governor, Reads 'A Visit From St. Nicholas'

Posted 12.06.2010 | Politics

Hey, everyone! Are you a fan of the Yuletide season? Or New Jersey? Well, either way, you will be thrilled to see New Jersey Governor Chris Christie ...

Jim Inhofe On Parade Slight: 'Why Do They Always Pick On The Christians?'

Posted 12.06.2010 | Politics

Christians are so terribly picked on, in America. Next you'll be telling me that Christians aren't allowed to worship in some parts of Lower Manhattan, or something.

Hillary Clinton's Evolving Take On 'Internet Freedom'

Posted 12.07.2010 | Media

As noted over at Raw Story, Clinton's response to WikiLeaks deviates from the take on Internet freedom that she offered in January, when she compared an open Internet to the cornerstones of FDR's "Four Freedoms."

White House Tax-Cut Deal Is A Fatal Philosophical Concession

Posted 12.07.2010 | Politics

Your sword's grown old and rusty, burnt beneath the rising sun. It's locked up like a trophy, forgetting all the things it's done. And though it's bee...

Investigative Reporter Discovers That Food Stamps Can Be Used To Buy Food

Posted 12.07.2010 | Politics

For reasons beyond my understanding, the Daily Caller has a post up today that purports to investigate what a person can buy with food stamps. Well, ...

Richard Cohen Criticizes WikiLeaks, Lies About Michael Hastings

Posted 12.07.2010 | Media

The Washington Post's most inexplicable contributor, Richard Cohen, today attempts to grapple with the phenomenon that is WikiLeaks. It's a mess! He...

You'll Never Guess Whose Taxes Are Going To Go Up Because Of The Tax Cut 'Compromise'

Posted 12.07.2010 | Politics

You know, with all the talk about who is mad at President Barack Obama and who stands to win or lose what election over this tax-cut deal, not as much attention has been paid to the practical beneficiaries of the deal.

Harry Reid Will Try To Add Online Poker Payback To Tax-Cut Bill

Posted 12.08.2010 | Politics

Last week, we brought you word that during this limited lame-duck session of Congress, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid decided to put his staff to w...

WikiLeaks Reveals That Military Contractors Have Not Lost Their Taste For Child Prostitutes

Posted 12.08.2010 | Politics

Anything interesting to be had at the intersection of the WikiLeaks cache of diplomatic cables and those military contractors that cart off many milli...

Armstrong Williams Is Mad That The Tax Cuts He Favors Are Getting Enacted, For Some Reason

Posted 12.08.2010 | Politics

So, President Barack Obama wants to cut some taxes. A lot of taxes! And the tax-cut compromise he's floated into the legislative morass, for all its...

Charlie Crist Wins Pardon For Jim Morrison

Posted 12.09.2010 | Politics

Crist has successfully gotten approval from Florida's clemency board to pardon Doors frontman Jim Morrison, for that time he allegedly pulled out his wang at a concert in Miami. (Wait, that's illegal?)

White House Gathers Support For Tax Cuts With Cavalcade Of Exciting Endorsements

Posted 12.09.2010 | Politics

President Barack Obama and his White House aides-de-camp are currently involved in a high-stakes game to get people to like the compromise platter on ...