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Entries by Jay Rosen from 08/2007

The Agitators: Notes From Day One of YearlyKos

| Posted 08.03.2007 | Huffington Post

Bloggers aggregate attention to politics. Therefore they get attention from politicians. The press lives off politics, these Kossacks live for it.

Why Do We Suck? and Other Questions Political Journalists Asked Themselves at YearlyKos

| Posted 08.06.2007 | Huffington Post

"My readers know more than I do" had always been true, but it took the Internet for that knowledge to be forwarded into journalism. Now it's manifest in the professional lives of political reporters.

Karl Rove and the Cult of Savviness in Our Political Press

| Posted 08.14.2007 | Politics
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I think that the real -- and undeclared -- ideology of American journalism is savviness, which is what made the press so vulnerable to the likes of Karl Rove.