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Entries by Jayne Lyn Stahl from 12/2008

Not Just a Passing Ghost

| Posted 12.01.2008 | Media

On the morning of September 18, 2008, Stephen James Joyce, grandson... of renowned Irish writer, James Joyce, called from France in response to a letter I sent to him some weeks before.

Obama: Elixir or Delegator?

| Posted 12.05.2008 | Politics

It takes wisdom to seek counsel and courage to take a stand. We know Mr. Obama has courage, that he'll act when he thinks the time has come. We can only hope that he sees the time is here.

Way to Go, Obama!

| Posted 12.06.2008 | Politics

What a delightful change after a regime of secrecy, classified documents, and withholding information not just from citizens, but the press. What a breath of fresh air!

Some Thoughts on Pearl Harbor Day...

| Posted 12.07.2008 | Politics

there can be no excuse for the devastation that was Hiroshima nor for the internment of thousands of Japanese in U.S. detention camps, and the brutality to which they were subjected.

Shinseki and Volcker: Military Contracts and Banking

| Posted 12.08.2008 | Politics

Make no mistake, this is not about questioning the integrity, judgment, or credentials of retired Army General Eric Shinseki. After all, it was Shinse...

Feeding Frenzy

| Posted 12.09.2008 | Politics
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Now that the shock has worn off, it is crystal clear that today's arrest of a Democratic Illinois governor is, to borrow a phrase from President Bush,...

Requiem for An Educator: In Memoriam James O'Keefe

| Posted 12.11.2008 | Healthy Living

In the short time I knew James O'Keefe, he wouldn't mind if I called him friend. He touched my life in ways that few ever have or ever will.

Bush: On the Line

| Posted 12.14.2008 | Politics

President Bush and his henchmen are working overtime to ensure that the full extent of damage inflicted upon detainees never sees the light of day.


| Posted 12.14.2008 | Entertainment

Harvey Milk wasn't just a hero for gays, bissexuals, transsexuals any more than Cesar Chavez was a hero for Chicanos. Harvey Milk was a hero for everyone who has ever felt different.

Size 10

| Posted 12.17.2008 | Politics
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Bush quipped: "It's a size 10 shoe," which only proves he missed his calling. He should have been a shoe salesman.

Remember Guantanamo -- for Daniel Pearl

| Posted 12.18.2008 | Politics

According to Philip Heyman, attorney general under Clinton, denying these rights amounts to "overthrowing 800 years of democratic tradition," including habeas corpus and the Magna Carta.

Dec. 31: Time Warner Will Pull 14 Public Access Stations

| Posted 12.26.2008 | Media
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On Open Letter to Jerry Brown: On December 31st, Time Warner Cable plans to pull fourteen public access channels and studios in Los Angeles a city w...


| Posted 12.26.2008 | Entertainment

Harold Pinter once said, "Being thrown out of the U.S. embassy in Ankara with Arthur Miller, a voluntary exile, was one of the proudest moments of my life."

Dec. 31: By Way of Follow-Up

| Posted 12.27.2008 | Media

LA, as a municipality, is responsible for operating public access channels, and no cable company has the right to shut them down until the City has the opportunity to replace the channels.

"V" as in Viagra

| Posted 12.28.2008 | Huffington Post

Apparently, the CIA has found a new way to get information about the Talibans from Afghan chieftans that doesn't involve torture. They're giving out f...

April 12, 1861

| Posted 12.29.2008 | Politics

On the morning of April 12, 1861, you would not have heard an announcement over a megaphone out your window saying "good morning, and welcome to the Civil War."

The Opiate of the People

| Posted 12.30.2008 | Politics
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The C.I.A. is reportedly now giving Viagra to Afghan chieftains in exchange for information about the Taliban. And, by the end of 2009, our gove...