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Entries by Jeff Biggers from 03/2011

Arizona Gun Wild: New Bill Establishes State Army for Gov. Brewer?

| Posted 03.03.2011 | Politics

The Arizona state legislature is considering legislation that would give Gov. Jan Brewer the right to establish an armed force, the Arizona state guard, to back her up for whatever the governor considers "necessary."

Tim DeChristopher Deserves the Medal of Freedom Today, Not a Prison Sentence

| Posted 03.03.2011 | Green

Instead of being convicted on two felony accounts for placing bids and disrupting an auction for pristine wilderness, DeChristopher should have been receiving our nation's highest honor

Gov. Walker and Charlie Sheen: Let Us Now Praise Martin Sheen (And His Work for Unions)

| Posted 03.11.2011 | Politics

If only celebrated actor Martin Sheen received the same media exposure as his troubled son Charlie. Never has his long-time work for union rights been more needed in the public arena.

Earthquake Denial? Why Is Peabody Building a Massive Coal-Fired Plant in the New Madrid Seismic Zone?

| Posted 03.14.2011 | Green

Peabody's 1,600-megawatt pulverized-coal plant is being built in Lively Grove, where the the "Big Shake" of 1811, in nearby New Madrid, Missouri, altered the very waterways that will feed into the Peabody mine-mouth operation.

Love Mountains and Miners? Show Me the Money (or a Coalfields Regeneration Fund)

| Posted 03.17.2011 | Green

Many coal miners can't wait to find another job. Just one problem: While the rest of the nation is booming in green jobs development, coalfield communities have been stuck in the annual ritual of fighting over more Big Coal mines.

Arizona's Shock Doctrine? Children Call Out Legislators on Immigration Bills Defeat

| Posted 03.17.2011 | Politics

On the heels of an unforgiving year of outrageous state rebellion, children in Arizona have had to create their own book of humanity, if only to defend their state's diverse heritage and basic human rights.

Arizona's Witch Hunt of Mexican/Ethnic Studies Begins This Week?

| Posted 03.22.2011 | Politics

Only days after the Arizona state legislature voted for punishing budget cuts in education, the now infamous audit of Tucson Unified School District's Mexican American/Ethnic Studies program is readying to commence.

Big Coal WikiLeaks Emergency in Bangladesh: Does Obama Support Removal of 100,000 Villagers?

| Posted 03.24.2011 | Green

Many are questioning why the Obama administration is covertly pushing for Bangladesh to reverse course and acquiesce to an internationally condemned open-pit mine that will displace an estimated 100,000-200,000 villagers.

All the President's (Coal) Men: Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and Obama's Wyoming Giveaway

| Posted 03.28.2011 | Green

Energy analysts are still staggering around for an answer to the Obama administration's news in Wyoming's coalfields to greenlight the mining of an estimated 750 million-2.4 billion tons of coal on public lands.

Next Steps for Anti-Mountaintop Removal Movement: Interview With Appalachian Leader Bo Webb

| Posted 03.29.2011 | Green

Living underneath a mountaintop removal mining operation in the Coal River Valley in West Virginia, Bo Webb has emerged as one of the most important frontline voices in the coalfield justice movement.

Arizona Unleashes Air Posse and Tank, As Nation Celebrates AZ Native Son Cesar Chavez Today

| Posted 03.31.2011 | Politics

On the eve of Arizona's most famous native son's celebrated birthday, Joe Arpaio unveiled his latest media stunt, the war-time invoking Operation Desert Sky -- a 30-plane air posse of armed volunteers to track Mexican smugglers.