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Entries by Jeff Schweitzer from 09/2008

Bankrupt in Every Sense

| Posted 09.26.2008 | Business

The very fact of the crisis, and the response to it, provides incontrovertible proof that the founding ideas supporting conservative thought are bankrupt in every sense.

Democracy in Peril

| Posted 09.26.2008 | Politics

The conclusion that Palin is incompetent, and a choice grossly inappropriate for the national stage, has nothing to do with gender.

Asymmetrical Warfare

| Posted 09.27.2008 | Politics

Obama provides a realistic vision for the future, while McCain offers tired platitudes and tax cuts for oil executives. The only avenue available to McCain was to lie, because the truth will elect Obama.

House of Cards on a Bed of Sand

| Posted 09.29.2008 | Business

Wall Street is a casino rigged against investors sold false hope by unscrupulous companies sanctioned by government to deceive customers.

The Consequences of Short-Term Thinking

| Posted 09.30.2008 | Politics

Our narrow perspective allows us to ignore climate change, disregard the loss of tropical forests and biological diversity, and dismiss the impacts of our health care crisis.