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Entries by Jennifer Donahue from 09/2009

With New Strategy White House Plays Last Card on Health Care: Lead a Bipartisan Bill or Risk a Defining First Year Failure

| Posted 09.01.2009 | Huffington Post

The public option has to be minimized and renamed. Co-op is now a loaded a term; try 'non-profit optional choice for those who have no insurance' instead.

Obama Brings Passion to Health Care Reform

| Posted 09.15.2009 | Politics

Speaking Tuesday, Obama's tone brought the passion, commitment, and force of the campaign trail to health care legislation. This is the speech the public has been waiting for.

What Do Americans Want On Health Care?

| Posted 09.30.2009 | Politics

Congress has the idea that health care reform is a political football game with two clear sides, and the public option a dividing line. But what if very few Americans see the debate through this prism?