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Entries by Jennifer L. Pozner from 07/2007

Paris Isn't Burning - Much to MSNBC's Mika Brzezinski's Chagrin

| Posted 07.02.2007 | Media

It's not often that a cable news journalist actually shows much interest in, oh, say, the news anymore.

Reality TV Turns Women into Living Mannequins -- No Symbolism There

| Posted 07.04.2007 | Media
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In reality TV as in advertising, female sexuality is used to sell pretty much everything -- the only difference is that in advertising we understand we're being shilled to, while in reality TV the shilling masquerades as content.

Help Construct Women Bloggers' Guide for Media Coverage of Elections

| Posted 07.10.2007 | Media
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Ever wish YOU could moderate political debates, so the questions wouldn't be so predictably out of touch with the concerns of your community? Then get yourself a ticket to Chicago for the upcoming BlogHer conference.

Damn it! Again, Children, "Rape" is Not "Having Sex"

| Posted 07.11.2007 | Media
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How many times do I have to write the same critique in response to what seems like a never ending stream of stories that make the same egregious linguistic mistake?

Fox Wonders if Women with "Axes to Grind" Can "Effectively Rule Society"

| Posted 07.13.2007 | Media
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A new reality show called When Women Rule the World promises to be overtly political, anti-feminist backlash fare.

Feminist Journalist's Response to Israel's Mindless Maxim Spread

| Posted 07.24.2007 | Media
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Women's bodies are always used to sell everything, but just because advertising works, doesn't mean it isn't offensive -- especially when the seller behind the skin-trade is a nation's government.

YouTube/CNN Debate Illuminates Positives and Pitfalls

| Posted 07.24.2007 | Media
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Video bloggers sent in some 3,000 questions they wanted Dems to answer, yet producers chose only 39, most of which garnered the same rehearsed, uninspiring talking points candidates spout in their sleep.

Indy Media Producer and Vlogger: Lessons I Learned From Having My Question Asked -- Then Reframed, Then Dodged -- on the CNN/YouTube Debate

| Posted 07.28.2007 | Media
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Vlogger and independent media producer Stephanie Mackley explains how her fifteen minutes of participatory-democracy-fame came to be.

Elizabeth Edwards Speaks Out Against Media Consolidation, for Net Neutrality, at BlogHer 2007

| Posted 07.29.2007 | Media
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Edwards' full response was more informed and more critical than I expected, as it is frankly all too rare for politicians and campaign staffers to know much about, or take a strong stance on, structural media problems.