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Entries by Jesse Kornbluth from 03/2010

Got a Problem With Roman Polanksi? See The Ghost Writer Anyway. It's A Masterpiece.

| Posted 03.08.2010 | Entertainment

The filmmaking is confident, organic, efficient at the highest level. And why not? Although Polanski is now 77, the director who made Chinatown and The Pianist still has his A-game.

Gardening So Simple You Can Easily Grow Your Own

| Posted 03.11.2010 | Healthy Living

Alice Waters got her wish. There was a vegetable garden on the White House lawn during World War II. In the mid-'90s, Waters --- founder of Chez Pan...

The Canal House Cookbooks: Delicious 'Home Cooking, For Home Cooks, By Home Cooks'

| Posted 03.11.2010 | Style

Canal House Cooking, Volume No. 3 arrived the other day, and we greeted it like a visit from an old friend who shows up just as you're starting to miss her.

Beautiful Boutique Hotels In Paris: If You Can't Go, Consider Stealing The Decorating Ideas

| Posted 03.16.2010 | Style

At L'Hotel -- once a faded rose, where Oscar Wilde died -- there's now a dramatic six-story rotunda in the foyer and a private dipping pool and hamman, or Turkish bath.

'Lift' Is Kelly Corrigan's 84-Page Love Letter To Her Young Daughters. Read It And Weep.

| Posted 03.16.2010 | Healthy Living

I was on the bus, on the way to collect our daughter at her best friend's apartment, so of course I was reading. The book was Lift, Kelly Corrigan's ...

Her Husband Of 20 Years Said, 'I Want Out. I Don't love You.' She Said, 'I Don't Buy It.' And Then...

| Posted 03.26.2010 | Books

I like this book so much that don't want to quote, summarize, interpret --- I just hope, if you're in any kind of relationship, that you'll get it and read it.

Forget Lamb: Here Are Two Easy, Crowd-Pleasing Recipes for Baked Ham

| Posted 03.31.2010 | Style

Easter: No better time for what my brother-in-law, the family wag, calls "Jesse's kosher ham." It's both easier and cheaper than the standard fare of lamb and mint jelly.