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Entries by Joanne Bamberger from 09/2009

Where Is the Right Wing's Christian Forgiveness When It Comes to Ted Kennedy?

| Posted 09.01.2009 | Politics

Apparently, many on the political right are without sin, because they wasted no time after Senator Ted Kennedy's death to start casting as many stones as possible.

What's Wrong With This Country?

| Posted 09.05.2009 | Politics

Somehow, right wingers have turned an innocuous speech by the President into an evil effort to brainwash and indoctrinate our children that *GASP* they should stay in school and work hard!

Just Being Alive Will Soon Be a Pre-Existing Condition

| Posted 09.16.2009 | Politics

Many people who are against health care reform claim that a public option will result in rationing. But if denying a beaten woman coverage doesn't amount to rationing, what is it?