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Entries by Joe The Nerd Ferraro from 11/2010

A Direct Political Result of the Rally for Sanity

| Posted 11.01.2010 | Politics

It is highly unusual for a political party to endorse someone outside its party. But that doesn't mean a member of a political party can't petition their local party to do something like this.

It's Keithier to Keep Him on the Shelf ... for Now

| Posted 11.05.2010 | Media

First reaction to the latest Keith Olbermann-sticks-his-foot-in-it episode is: The longer MSNBC keeps Olbermann suspended the more they come off like...

Hey MSNBC -- Help Us!

| Posted 11.07.2010 | Politics

There really is no journalism now, only media activism. FOX gets this, MSNBC doesn't. If MSNBC wants to do something, they need to help those of us at the grass roots levels organize.

Actually, 15 Percent of the People Are Telling 85 Percent What to Do

| Posted 11.08.2010 | Politics

Post has been updated !!! The flaw revealed below... The United States Elections Project is an information source for the United States electoral s...

Eighty Students Needed to Cover College Football Losses

| Posted 11.15.2010 | College

It is taking the tuition of eighty kids to field a football team that loses money. Maybe some people need to look into a good business school. Wait, tuition is $92,000? Maybe not.

The Middle is Starting to Win

| Posted 11.18.2010 | Media

On Thursday, November 18, 2010 the following link announced: "Philadelphia's 'Big Talker' makes big changes with Smerconish, Beck, Hannity" Beck an...

TSA and the School of the Cowering

| Posted 11.22.2010 | Education

Can we say we are the Home of the Brave anymore when we teach our kids to cower in a classroom as part of a drill? Seriously, that is what the schools are teaching our kids. To sit down, hide, and be afraid.