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Entries by Joel Schwartzberg from 07/2008

A Car Buyer's Tale: Shticker Shock

| Posted 07.02.2008 | Healthy Living

Not long ago, I thought I was buying a new car. I knew my preferred colors (what the heck is "Cypress Pearl?"); I knew my preferred options (third ro...

Why We Don't Mind Uncle Sam Tapping Our Phones

| Posted 07.03.2008 | Healthy Living

I guess it makes more sense to celebrate our freedom from government tyranny and interference before we give them the okay to monitor our private conversations. No one wants to be a party pooper.

Why I've Had It With Greeting Cards

| Posted 07.07.2008 | Healthy Living

Summer is a big celebration season for me: five members of my family celebrate birthdays, and at about $3.50 a card, that's nearly $25 spent to have strangers write about how close I feel to my loved ones.

Paint Misbehaving: Why is There Graffiti in My Suburb?!

| Posted 07.09.2008 | Healthy Living

When I first moved to New Jersey's quaint suburbs eight years ago, one persistent phenomena seemed shockingly out of place. Amidst the pleasing bagel ...

How to Nail a Job Interview

| Posted 07.09.2008 | Healthy Living

A job interview isn't all that different from a public speech, except that in interviews you sit down, listen more than speak, and are the world's expert on the topic, you.

The Psychology of Garage Sales

| Posted 07.14.2008 | Healthy Living

The real point of a garage sale is the purge. The lifelong desire, so rarely realized, to clean house, free up space, and organize your life -- which allows many to rationalize putting actual garbage on tables.

Revering Summer Camp, or Maybe Just the Memories

| Posted 07.17.2008 | Healthy Living

I'll treasure their summer camp moments vicariously, even if my children don't. Those carefree days never return to you the same way, not even in memory.

The Secret Truth About Diners

| Posted 07.21.2008 | Healthy Living

Just like everyone in the Northeast has a favorite road rage swear word, so too does every man, woman, and child in the urban Northeast have a favorite diner, and I mean everyone.

My Lottery in Life: Pat Sajak and Adventures in Gambling

| Posted 07.22.2008 | Healthy Living

I'm not one to normally buy lottery tickets. I've bought fewer than 25 in my lifetime, all of them scratch cards I impulsively selected based on my ...

How to Cure Airport Blues: Fly Nice!

| Posted 07.25.2008 | Healthy Living

The next time you find yourself waiting at an airport terminal in a waiting-at-an-airport-terminal kind of mood, give being nice a try. It's way cheaper than coffee, and the favor often makes a return trip.

Trans Fat: Public Enemy #1

| Posted 07.28.2008 | Healthy Living

Trans fats lurk in cookies, crackers, pizza dough, fried foods, donuts... hell, let's just say if it tastes great and you feel guilty eating it, it could have trans fat written all over it (in grease pen, natch).

Beauty on the Beast: Is It Now Okay For Men To Use Skin Products?

| Posted 07.29.2008 | Healthy Living

I ran out of shampoo this morning. That may not sound like a big deal to you, but it is to me. You see, I bought the industrial-sized "salon-style"...

Head Trip: Who Do You Trust When Your Child's Surgeons Give Conflicting Advice?

| Posted 07.31.2008 | Healthy Living

Like any father, I wish I could take my son's place in all of life's harrowing rides, but I settle for what I can do: sit close, hold his hand, and tighten his buckle.