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Entries by Joel Shatzky from 01/2010

Educating for Democracy: E.D. Hirsch's Naive Solutions

| Posted 01.05.2010 | New York

The emphasis on test scores which, in NY, could lead to the closing of a school if no "improvement" is shown, has created fear in schools with low-performing students.

Educating for Democracy: Mayor Giuliani's "Memory Hole"

| Posted 01.11.2010 | New York

I wonder exactly how far Giuliani and other right-wing politicos are going to go in trying to underestimate the intelligence of the American voters. Pretty far, I'd guess.

Educating for Democracy: An American Teacher in Afghanistan

| Posted 01.11.2010 | World

I lived in the orphanage almost five months. I taught English, poetry, drama, photography, and computer skills to over 180 children. I was no doubt in danger every day and night.

Educating for Democracy: Randi Weingarten's Faustian Bargain

| Posted 01.14.2010 | New York

More nationwide use of "standardized test scores" troubles me, since they are being so often abused and misused these days in Mayor Bloomberg's administration of the public schools.

Educating for Democracy: Senator Eric Adams and the Charter Schools Dilemma

| Posted 01.18.2010 | New York

Until it's made clear just what the real agenda is for charter schools, I remain skeptical that they are going to do much more than accelerate the trend to a two-tier educational system.

Educating for Democracy: A Demonstration Against School Closings

| Posted 01.22.2010 | New York

On Thursday a group of about 300 teachers, students, parents, and supporters demonstrated in front of Mayor Bloomberg's home to protest his decision to close 20 public schools.

Educating for Democracy: Protesting Twenty NYC School Closings (Photos)

| Posted 01.27.2010 | New York

Chancellor Joel Klein and the Panel for Educational Policy listened into the early hours of the morning to students, teachers, parents, and politicians protesting the closing of twenty city schools.

Educating for Democracy: Howard Zinn and His Lessons for Today

| Posted 01.30.2010 | New York

Howard Zinn maintained that the people's voice would and must be heard. At the city's education policy hearing, no one listened.