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Entries by Joel Shatzky from 05/2010

Educating for Democracy: Why Johnny (or Janie) Won't Read

| Posted 05.04.2010 | New York

One of the biggest problems American public education is facing today is a decline in literacy. If I sound like a cultural Puritan, I accept the charge.

Educating for Democracy: Lessons from George Bernard Shaw and Mother Nature

| Posted 05.11.2010 | New York

We may make compromises with the way in which we treat Nature, but Nature will make no compromises in the way she treats us.

Educating for Democracy: What's Behind School Bullying?

| Posted 05.14.2010 | New York

The industrial model that is being imposed on the public schools in this and other cities will make bullying the norm for young learners.

Educating for Democracy: Sinking Arizona

| Posted 05.17.2010 | New York

Crime prevention should not be made into an issue of ethnic profiling.

Educating for Democracy: What Motivates Children to Learn?

| Posted 05.20.2010 | Politics

I think that most young learners who really learn do so in spite of school rather than because of it.

Educating for Democracy: Lessons for the Next Millennium

| Posted 05.28.2010 | Green

Teaching for the next millennium would mean would mean moving toward a self-sustaining environment, in which the simpler pleasures of life would become central to our existence.