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Entries by Joel Shatzky from 08/2010

Educating for Democracy: What Makes a "Great" Teacher?

| Posted 08.03.2010 | New York

In a recent study about the impact of kindergarten on students who have now reached maturity, a rather astonishing conclusion was reached.

Educating for Democracy: The SAT Controversy: What Do We Really Learn from Tests?

| Posted 08.06.2010 | New York

I have heard from many sources that the SAT's are only accurate in predicting the performance of students in their first semester of college. After that, they are no longer valid.

Educating for Democracy: What Makes Students Want to Learn?

| Posted 08.09.2010 | New York

No matter how effective a best practice might be, those who are taught must feel some sense that "hard work pays off" in order for them to want to learn.

Educating for Democracy: Thoughts on Malcolm Gladwell

| Posted 08.19.2010 | New York

The problem with our schools does not center on what can be done with the willing learners but with those who are reluctant and even hostile to conventional methods of learning.

Educating for Democracy: Does a President Have to Have a Religion?

| Posted 08.26.2010 | Religion

Why is it necessary for a president not only to have to "prove" his religious beliefs but have them at all? Does being a "believer" make a president that much more likely to be a good leader?

Educating for Democracy: Conversation With a Private School Teacher

| Posted 08.30.2010 | New York

The recent spate of reports of the inaccuracy, misconceptions, and negative effects of high-stakes testing and their misuse in evaluating teachers and...