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Entries by Joel Shatzky from 11/2010

Educating for Democracy: If Doctors Were Treated Like Teachers

| Posted 11.02.2010 | Education

Mayor Bloomberg's plan to publish the "ratings" of teachers is one more example of the public humiliation many of New York City's best teachers have to endure for "educational reform." What if doctors were treated like this?

Educating for Democracy: Homage to Russ Feingold

| Posted 11.04.2010 | Politics

I believe that Russ Feingold's defeat might well be a sign that if we don't hang together we will, indeed, find ourselves facing a very ominous future.

Educating for Democracy: Bloomberg Appoints Cathie Black (Who?) to Run New York Public Schools

| Posted 11.10.2010 | Education

No disrespect to Ms. Cathie Black, but just as I would not want a sociology student to examine my prostate, I feel that there is a minimal level of knowledge necessary to run the New York Public School system.

Educating for Democracy: What if Teachers Ran the Schools?

| Posted 11.16.2010 | Education

I am basing this premise -- absurd as it might seem to educational bureaucrats -- on a conversation I remember my father had many years ago with a Soviet teacher.

Educating for Democracy: If Mayor Bloomberg Could Say What He Believes

| Posted 11.24.2010 | Education

I have been considering for several years what Mayor Bloomberg really believes when it comes to public education. Here is what I think he'd say if he could publically reveal what he really believes.

Educating for Democracy: Climate Change and 'Denihilism'

| Posted 11.30.2010 | Education

Unless we as a nation "grow up" emotionally and intellectually and deal with our serious problems rather than through "denihilism," future generations will look back at us and curse us for our ignorance.