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Entries by Johann Hari from 11/2008

The Four Great Transformations Driving Obama's Victory

| Posted 11.02.2008 | Politics

We can already map out the four tectonic shifts rumbling beneath this election. They all began before Obama -- but his cool stride has brought them into history sooner than many of us thought possible.

The Time-Bombs Ticking Under Obama's Presidency

| Posted 11.05.2008 | Politics

Mr President-Elect, there is a pile of ticking time-bombs waiting in your in-tray and you have to defuse each one of them, fast. Welcome to the next four years of your life.

This is Obama's chance to end the fantasy that is Star Wars

| Posted 11.12.2008 | Politics

The world is still pleasurably suffering from Woah-bama whiplash. Did he really win? Are we all awake? And would anybody mind if he starts a few month...

Are There Just too Many People in the World?

| Posted 11.15.2008 | Politics

To achieve the green goal of dealing with overpopulation, it's necessary to mix some oestrogen into the environmentalist palette.

The Strange Return of the Sixties Radicals

| Posted 11.17.2008 | Politics

There is still a distortion in our memories of the violence of the '60's. After condemning Obama for vaguely knowing Ayers, McCain boasted about his "close friendship" with Henry Kissinger -- and nobody noticed the dissonance.

Prince Charles Rings the Death-Knell for the British Monarchy

| Posted 11.20.2008 | Politics

Charles Windsor has just announced that he is seizing the role of president for himself, without an election. This news finally offers a vision of how the rusty British monarchy will fall.

A Journey Across the Ground Zero of Global Warming

| Posted 11.23.2008 | Green

This spring, I took a month-long road trip across a country that we -- you, me and everyone we know -- are killing: Bangladesh.

The Biggest Threat to the Gay Community -- and No, It's Not Proposition 8

| Posted 11.26.2008 | Politics

Of course we don't want to distract energy from the fight against Prop 8's vicious proponents - but if we don't deal with these issues, rising HIV levels and the possibility of super-AIDS will deal with us.

The Refugee Who Rocked Islam: an Exclusive Interview with Ayaan Hirsi Ali

| Posted 11.30.2008 | Politics

Here she is, with the last sliver of protection she can afford standing between her and the people determined to murder her, still speaking, still fighting.