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Entries by Johann Hari from 01/2009

My New Year's Resolution is to Lose my Bottle -- and Quit the Coke

| Posted 01.01.2009 | World

My New Year's resolution is to finally give up my addiction to two liquids that are trashing the lives of some of the poorest people on earth: bottled water, and Coke. In 2009, I am determined to lose my bottle.

You Are Being Lied to About Pirates

| Posted 01.04.2009 | World

The people our governments are labeling as "one of the great menaces of our times" have an extraordinary story to tell -- and some justice on their side.

Why Bananas are a Parable For Our Times

| Posted 01.07.2009 | Green

Bananas are dying. Soon -- in 5, 10 or 30 years -- the yellow creamy fruit as we know it will not exist.

My Experiment With Smart Drugs

| Posted 01.11.2009 | Healthy Living

When journalist David Plotz took Provigil, he said it should be sold as "the boss' little helper." It makes you work better and harder than before.

George Michael: An Exclusive Interview

| Posted 01.13.2009 | Entertainment

George Michael is telling me a strange story -- where he walks on stage before a billion people and privately panics, "I am becoming one of the biggest stars in the world -- and I think I might be a poof. This cannot end well."

"Hitler Appointed Me His Biographer": An Exclusive Interview With David Irving

| Posted 01.14.2009 | World

By telling the story of Dresden from the perspective of the Germans, David Irving suddenly found another door opening -- to Hitler's ghost.

Homophobic? Then You're Probably Gay

| Posted 01.16.2009 | Entertainment

Hip hop has long been the ultimate in gay-bashing hate music. Why do they do it? Why do hip-hop artists -- often the victims of bigotry themselves -- incite this hatred?

The Contradictions Facing a Black President of the American Empire

| Posted 01.23.2009 | World

If you want to know if Obama is really altering the tectonic forces that drive American power, keep an eye on the rooftop of the world.

Stand Up for the Right to Criticize Religion

| Posted 01.27.2009 | World
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Why are religious sensitivities so much more likely to provoke demands for censorship than, say, political sensitivities? The answer lies in the nature of faith.

The Republicans' Fatal Misreading of FDR -- and How It Would Worsen The Depression

| Posted 01.30.2009 | Politics

The reality of FDR's rule is more complex than either side admits -- but the lessons vindicate one set of principles resoundingly.