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Entries by Johann Hari from 11/2009

Why Is Anti-Gay Violence Soaring in Britain?

| Posted 11.03.2009 | World

In the past few years, gay people have finally begun to exercise the same rights as their straight siblings, yet there has been a sharp surge in violence against us.

Face the Facts -- and End the War on Drugs

| Posted 11.10.2009 | World

The unofficial slogan of the prohibitionists for decades has been: The facts will only undermine the war, so invent some that show how successful we are, fast. Look at the United States.

Meet the Ex-Jihadis

| Posted 11.15.2009 | World

Seventeen former radical Islamists have "come out" in the past 12 months and have begun to fight back. Would they be able to tell me the reasons that pulled them into jihadism, and out again?

The Real Reason Obama Isn't Making Much Progress

| Posted 11.19.2009 | Politics

The institutions that are blocking progress have rallied over the past few months to defend two causes with very little popular support in the United States: rape and slavery. No, really.

Why Are These Artists Defending Pedophiles?

| Posted 11.27.2009 | Entertainment

Over the past few years, there has been a drip-drip of artists, from Alan Bennett to Gore Vidal, defending old men who abuse their power over young boys and girls for sexual pleasure.

Dubai Has Always Been Bankrupt -- Morally and Environmentally

| Posted 11.28.2009 | World

The idea that Dubai is an oasis of freedom on the Arabian peninsular is one of the great lies of our time. Yes, it has Starbucks a and the Gucci styles, but beneath these, there is a dictatorship built by slaves.