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Entries by John Amato from 10/2005

Condi Rice finally tells the truth

| Posted 10.16.2005 | Business
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Condoleezza Rice took some valuable time off from her shoe shopping tour and appeared on Meet The Press on Sunday.

My Exclusive Interview with Lawrence O'Donnell - Audio

| Posted 10.23.2005 | Politics
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Mr. O'Donnell was the first person to say that Karl Rove was Matt Cooper's source in the Valerie Plame leak investigation.

URGENT MEMO to all future Meet The Press guests: How to get Tim Russert to talk about the Plame Case.

| Posted 10.23.2005 | Politics
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When Tim puts up one of his many graphics and sets the stage for you to answer a particular charge, here’s what you say: "Well Tim, that is very interesting, but what the F*&*k did you say to Fitzgerald?"