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Entries by John Feffer from 08/2009

The Geopolitics of Facebook

| Posted 08.06.2009 | Media

The world is a-twitter over the revolutionary implications of new technologies that young people almost instinctively understand and older people just don't get.

Our Suicide Bombers: Thoughts on Western Jihad

| Posted 08.06.2009 | Politics

We have our suicide bombers -- we call them heroes. We have our culture of indoctrination -- we call it basic training. We kill civilians -- we call it collateral damage.

Clinton in Pyongyang: The Real Deal

| Posted 08.11.2009 | World

In all the commentary on Clinton's trip, journalists and pundits spent so much time cataloging North Korea's sins, they missed several key points.

Global Spin Doctors

| Posted 08.18.2009 | World

The PR race between countries is not that different from the arms race. With all this spin -- overt and covert -- what's a poor reader to do? The last thing we should do is sit and spin with it.

What Comes after Kim Dae Jung?

| Posted 08.21.2009 | World

The recent progress in North-South Korean relations - a released South Korean detainee, an agreement to reenergize several key projects - suggests that the policies of the 'sunshine generation' are still bearing fruit.

Outsourcing Assassination: to China?

| Posted 08.25.2009 | World

Look, if we're going to outsource, we should outsource to the experts. The Chinese. They make our computers. Why not give them the task of assassinating jihadists?

Revolution in Japan

| Posted 08.28.2009 | World

According to the polls, the Japanese are likely to give the ruling party the boot on Sunday.