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Entries by John Feffer from 06/2010

The Trillion-Dollar Question

| Posted 06.01.2010 | World

The full-page ads in The Washington Post seem so reasonable. The military contractor Pratt & Whitney has been arguing that America doesn't need to spe...

Blaming Turkey

| Posted 06.08.2010 | World

I was astonished to read an editorial in The Washington Post this weekend about the Israeli commando raid on the humanitarian flotilla heading to Gaza. Israel kills nine peace activists and the Post blames... Turkey!

Stealth Superpower: How Turkey Is Chasing China to Become the Next Big Thing

| Posted 06.14.2010 | World

Turkey occupies a vital crossroads between Europe, the Middle East, and Central Asia, even as it sits perched at the nexus of energy politics. All roads once led to Rome; today all pipelines seem to lead to Turkey.

The Fallacy of the Talented Tenth

| Posted 06.15.2010 | World

When will we wean ourselves of the delusion that a talented tenth - be they entrepreneurs or technocrats or pundits - will deliver us from poverty and the other ills of the world?

BP and Our Own Messochism

| Posted 06.22.2010 | Green

We specialize in inflicting messes on ourselves. Has any other species been so thoroughly successful in fouling its own nest?

Road Rage and the G20

| Posted 06.29.2010 | World

Anti-government rhetoric is all the rage these days. And "rage" is the operative word here. Small-government enthusiasts are like the drivers of Humme...