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Entries by John M. Eger from 10/2010

Pleasure Beauty and Wonder: Educating for an Uncertain age

| Posted 10.04.2010 | Education

Where art-infused education is used to redesign the curriculum students' attendance dramatically improves, as does performance.

STEAM not just STEM

| Posted 10.15.2010 | Education

We need a huge infusion of capital and a change in attitude about art and music, math and science. We need to define a well-rounded education and to make the case for its importance in a global innovation economy.

It's the Creative Economy, Stupid

| Posted 10.19.2010 | Arts

The stimulus and all the federal policies in the world will not help if all we do is prop up the old economy. It is rather the new economy, the creative economy begging for attention.

The McGraw Hill Prize: A Short Story About a Place Called High Tech High

| Posted 10.26.2010 | Education

High Tech High is a remarkable example of art infusion, indeed infusion of the various disciplines and is not a school many of us would immediately recognize.

Women Need Not Apply for Jobs in the Creative Economy

| Posted 10.27.2010 | World

The new global economy demands skill sets that are not, not now at least, natural for men: listening, collaborating and compromising. Frankly, men's testosterone levels often get in the way.

The 4th Grade Slump can Last Forever

| Posted 10.28.2010 | Education

We cannot continue to ignore the fourth-grade slump, the long dark tunnel of k-12 education, or the failure to put creativity at the center of education. Whether Superman comes or not.

A New University Collaboration called HASTAC

| Posted 10.30.2010 | College

It's really not that new. But the Collaboration can renew and reinvent the University. HASTAC (for Humanities, Art, Science, Technology, Advanced Col...