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Entries by John Marshall from 09/2008

Republicane Gustav Heads for New Orleans

| Posted 09.01.2008 | Comedy
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Full-blown GOP storm systems often combine 140 mile-per-hour winds with pro-life and pro-war currents that tend to miss the coasts, but ravage the center.

The Bristol Stomp

| Posted 09.02.2008 | Comedy
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McCain reportedly thinks it's "quite something" that Bristol has been pregnant for five months, only fifteen months less than her mom has been governor.

Other Items Listed by Sarah Palin on eBay

| Posted 09.08.2008 | Politics

What Not to Name Your Baby By Joe Borgenicht Description: Like new. This popular book intended to save children a lifetime of embarrassment was not read by Seller at least five times.

My Countries, 'Tis of Thee

| Posted 09.12.2008 | Comedy
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Lincoln said a house divided against itself cannot stand. But the popular home renovation show Trading Spaces says two houses that are near each other--say, a red one and a blue one--can stand pretty well.

Steal This Booking

| Posted 09.19.2008 | Entertainment

Everybody doesn't "get" freedom of speech. The first time that hit home was when Bill Maher got fired. The second time was when the Dixie Chicks got kicked out of country music.

John and Sarah's Presidential Fantasy

| Posted 09.21.2008 | Entertainment

Masters of Debt (with apologies to Bob Dylan)

| Posted 09.26.2008 | Comedy
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Let me ask you one question/ Is your credit that good/ Could it buy back Lehman Brothers/ Do you think that it could