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Entries by John Merrow from 01/2011

Joel Klein's Hidden Legacy

| Posted 01.06.2011 | Education

In terms of his impact on schools and school systems, Joel Klein is the most important educator that most of America has never heard of.

Is Silence Really Golden?

| Posted 01.18.2011 | Education

For a host of reasons, schools and teachers have not made the connections between teaching democratic citizenship and the new technological universe.

Blame the Teacher!

| Posted 01.24.2011 | Education

For reasons I don't understand, many powerful people are defining public education's problem as "bad teachers." That's simplistic and dangerous. What are your thoughts on what we can do to make things better?

The State of the (Teachers) Union

| Posted 01.27.2011 | Education

The story is not how much the school has improved; it's how. Union rules were in the way, and so teachers took on their union.