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Entries by John R. Talbott from 07/2010

How to Quickly Fix Our Government (and Our Economy)

| Posted 07.05.2010 | Politics

What is wrong with America cannot be measured on a conservative versus liberal spectrum, but must be seen as a political and corporate elite versus the people fight.

The Real Reason Geithner Is Afraid of Elizabeth Warren

| Posted 07.18.2010 | Politics

Elizabeth Warren is a threat to the scheme Tim Geithner has utilized to date to hide bank losses, thus keeping the banks solvent and out of bankruptcy court and their existing management teams employed and well-paid.

Monumental AIDS Breakthrough -- Or Is It?

| Posted 07.21.2010 | World

Do we really understand the significance of the latest AIDS study's reported results? As we all know, statistics can be used in very creative ways that sometimes misleads the reader as to the effectiveness of a new drug or procedure.