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Entries by John Ridley from 12/2006

The Latest Greatest Way of Knowing We're Getting Our Asses Kicked in Iraq

| Posted 12.04.2006 | Entertainment
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On November 26th Operation Iraqi Freedom topped out WW II's 1,348 day grind from Pearl Harbor to VJ day. And we're still counting.

And Hillary Used to Bake Cookies for the Politburo.

| Posted 12.14.2006 | Politics
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Barack Obama is a Marxist Leftist hellbent on selling out America to the one and a half commie states still active in the world! Well, at least according to Tom DeLay.

Maybe Michael Richards Should've Handed Out the Million Dollars

| Posted 12.19.2006 | Huffington Post

Survivor: Cook Island began the season as a great social experiment. Actually, it all might have been an interesting social experiment. Had it been run by sociologists.

An NAACP Gift Basket to Michael Richards

| Posted 12.24.2006 | Politics
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If there's one person who oughta get something for stepping up and personifying the absurdity of race relations in America, PC fascism, and media histrionics it's Richards and his Nigger-Bomb.