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Entries by John Ridley from 09/2007

Bush's (f)antastic Freedom Institute

| Posted 09.05.2007 | Politics

By now we all know the president is grammatically challenged. But to mock Bush for giving an overreaching cartoonish moniker to his institute leads one astray from what really needs to be discussed.

Modern Trench Warfare

| Posted 09.11.2007 | Politics

In the First World War, the politicians and monarchs were mostly content to "let it bleed" rather than be innovate enough to bring the war to a military or diplomatic end. We are once again in trench warfare.

The Juice This Time

| Posted 09.18.2007 | Politics

What I always appreciated about the whole OJ affair is that it proved to all doubters that, yeah, the American legal system is screwed top to bottom. But I never understood cheering for OJ.

Fear of a Black Debate

| Posted 09.20.2007 | Politics

This time the Republicans have got me beat. I can think of no good, new, or clever way to dissect what is, frankly, a dumb move on the part of their top tier candidates.

How the New York Times Betrays Us

| Posted 09.25.2007 | Media

A misplaced punctuation mark or an inaccurately reported date is far different than a culture where sexed up reporting by media stars and high bias has become the norm.