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Entries by John Ridley from 04/2008

It's Not Weightism. You're Just Obese.

| Posted 04.06.2008 | Healthy Living

Why in the world would we choose to mollycoddle with laws which encourage the obese to continue to both live an unhealthy lifestyle and stick us with the bill?

Why American Airlines' Big Public Sad Meltdown is Good

| Posted 04.11.2008 | Business

If you travel with any regularity you know aside from the AA mess this is a crappy time all around for the airline industry. It pretty much seems like air travel as we know it is done. Thank God.

Obama's Ayers Issue

| Posted 04.18.2008 | Politics

What someone did forty years ago should not damn them forever. But that's assuming the offending individual pays their debt to society and repents. Bill Ayers has done neither.

The Undeniable Virtue of Jeremiah Wright's Pro-Blackness (and the Problem with Pro-Whiteness)

| Posted 04.25.2008 | Politics

I take exception with the idea that Wright's pro-black teachings make him some kind of radical separatist. There's a difference between being pro-black and pro-white and the difference is a bad one.