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Entries by John Seery from 08/2007

Dubya's Dudes Dealing, Dodging, and Dancing in Dubai

| Posted 08.03.2007 | Politics
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Halliburton is moving its main headquarters and chief executive from Houston to Dubai, grand destination for cutthroat corporations seeking to evade domestic taxes and regulations.

Bill Kristol is One Sick Puppy

| Posted 08.14.2007 | Politics
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Kristol characteristically espouses war not just as a regrettably necessary matter of self-defense and national security, a killing option of the last resort, but rather as his frequently preferred strategic policy tool.

Thinking Like a Terrorist

| Posted 08.23.2007 | Politics
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How do you draw the United States into an eventually intractable military quagmire in the Middle East? First hit them with a big sucker punch.