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Entries by Jon Soltz from 11/2007

Move Condi's Office to Baghdad

| Posted 11.02.2007 | Huffington Post

At a party the other night, I met someone who worked at the State Department who asked me, "Why should I go to Iraq when the military hasn't done its ...

One Post -Election Day Vote to Cast

| Posted 11.07.2007 | Media

Alex Horton's blog, "Army of Dude," represents some of the very best writing on the internet by an Iraq veteran.

Yet Another Alarm Sounded on Homeless Vets and PTSD. But, Who's Listening?

| Posted 11.08.2007 | Politics

It doesn't matter how many charitable groups are out there trying to house homeless veterans, because we'll just be dealing with the result rather than the root cause: PTSD.

Say One Thing, Do Another -- Bush on Veterans Day and Today

| Posted 11.13.2007 | Politics

Despite the President talking a lot about what we owe veterans on Saturday, today, with his veto pen he told veterans, "We don't owe you [BLEEP]."

Mental Injuries: Worse Than Some Thought, But Not Those Who Served

| Posted 11.14.2007 | Politics

It's somewhat entertaining to watch the media fall all over themselves to express "shock" at this story, when all they had to do was talk to those of us who served, who have known this for a while.

Come See Presidential Candidates Address Troops, Vets, Families

| Posted 11.20.2007 | Huffington Post

The burden of the current conflicts is borne by a very select minority, and very few people actually know someone who served.

How to Make a Chickenhawk

| Posted 11.21.2007 | Politics

Thanksgiving is a tough time of year for me, since I got back from Iraq. My mind goes back to those who didn't make it home, came come injured, and those still over there.