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Entries by Jonathan Kim from 11/2009

ReThink Review: Outrage -- One Reason Why the Bird/Shepard Hate Crimes Act Took So Long

| Posted 11.03.2009 | Entertainment

And the main reason is because hatred/fear of gays is running neck-and-neck with hatred/fear of government for the most defining, unifying characteristic of the "modern" republican party.

ReThink Review: Disney's A Christmas Carol (3D) -- Don't Get Scrooged

| Posted 11.06.2009 | Entertainment

I found parts of A Christmas Carol, which is being marketed exclusively to kids with Disney's promotional muscle, to be much more upsetting than anything in Where the Wild Things Are.

ReThink Review: The Yes Men Fix the World -- Speaking Truth by Faking Power

| Posted 11.11.2009 | Entertainment

Armed only with cheap suits, fake websites, a few props and nuts the size of Survivaballs, the Yes Men have become infamous for infiltrating corporate events pretending to be spokesmen for government agencies or some of the world's most powerful companies.

ReThink Review: The Men Who Stare at Goats -- the First Earth Battalion Wants You!

| Posted 11.17.2009 | Entertainment

Simultaneously a dark, sometimes surreal examination of the US military's foray into psychic warfare, and a comedy with some nuggets of alleged truth.

ReThink Interview: Philippe Diaz (part 1) -- The End of Poverty? and How It Started

| Posted 11.23.2009 | Entertainment

What causes global poverty? Why do the countries of the northern hemisphere enjoy so much wealth while over a billion people in the southern hemispher...