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Entries by Jonathan Tasini from 08/2008

Why Are Democrats Taking Money From Wal-Mart?

| Posted 08.01.2008 | Politics

Where does a politician, or a political party, draw the line in the willingness to sacrifice principles for a few bucks? When we talk about the nee...

Corporations Using WORKERS Money For CEO PENSIONS

| Posted 08.04.2008 | Business

Just when you thought the greed and outrageous behavior of corporate America could get no worse, the leaders of companies have sunk to a new low: they...

Draft Copy of Democratic Party Platform

| Posted 08.07.2008 | Politics

I've been given a copy of the most recent draft of the Democratic Party's platform. I'm told that this is getting close to the end. There is good stuff and bad stuff. Here are the highlights.

Is Joe Biden Good For Labor? Mostly, Yes.

| Posted 08.23.2008 | Politics

Where are the disagreements? Mostly over trade and immigration. Biden, initially, was a strong support of so-called "free trade" but he seems to have shifted his position a bit in the past few years.

Labor's Election Ground War -- And How The Media Is Missing It

| Posted 08.25.2008 | Politics

Karen Ackerman believes the election will very close and the AFL-CIO is launching the "broadest, biggest efforts in its history" -- 250,000 volunteers in 24 priority states will be deployed.