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Entries by Jonathan Weiler from 09/2009

Racial Resentment, Authoritarianism and Health Care Reform

| Posted 09.02.2009 | Politics

Preferences about health care reform and feelings about race have become intertwined.

It's Not Tyranny; It's the Re-distribution, Stupid

| Posted 09.09.2009 | Politics

The profoundly anti-democratic (that's small "d" for those scoring at home) character of contemporary right-wing ideology is too plain to dispute.

Norman Podhoretz's Jewish Question

| Posted 09.12.2009 | Media

It's Podhoretz's larger ethical vision that is most relevant to his incapacity to understand why the vast majority of Jews don't see things the way he does.

The Great Disconnect

| Posted 09.16.2009 | Media

The elite professional strata most responsible for shaping our political and economic discourse have grown richer and are increasingly articulating a worldview justifying their privileged position.

The Tea Party Movement's Populism

| Posted 09.25.2009 | Politics

If the slogan of left-wing populism might be "What about us?" the slogan of right-wing populism is "What about me and my kind?"