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Entries by Jonathan Weiler from 08/2010

The GOP Hates America; And the Democrats Won't Call Them on It

| Posted 08.05.2010 | Politics

Like Jon Stewart, I had an "I give up" moment last week watching the extraordinary spectacle of House Republicans denying health benefits to 9/11 responders.

Upshot of California Gay Marriage Case: When the Right-Wing Is Forced to Make its Case, It Has None

| Posted 08.09.2010 | Politics

It's to be savored when in a venue in which facts cannot be twisted or eschewed altogether and reason cannot be cavalierly dismissed, we get to witness an outcome based in facts, reason and reality.

The Myth of the Social Security Crisis

| Posted 08.16.2010 | Politics

Any sane cost-benefit analysis shows that Social Security has been a remarkable success. There is no reason to doubt that it can continue to perform that function decades into the future.

Dr. Laura's Interesting Interpretation of the First Amendment

| Posted 08.18.2010 | Media

Poor Dr. Laura. What an aggrieved soul. All she was trying to do was point out what a horrible injustice it was that Black people get to say the n-word and white people don't.

Why Howard Dean's Call for "Open Discussion" on So-Called Ground Zero Mosque Is Misguided

| Posted 08.20.2010 | Politics

Dean says he wants American Muslims, whom he says have been treated badly since 9/11, to be welcomed "back into the fold" of American society. How is that to happen?

Bud Selig Should Be Barred From the Hall of Fame

| Posted 08.30.2010 | Sports

If the new standard is that players tainted by steroids are not Hall of Fame worthy, then the voters must bar the man who was most singularly positioned to take a stand against that taint and failed to do so.