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Entries by Jose Antonio Vargas from 01/2010

Kill Your Web 2.0 Self -- Or Change It? (VIDEO)

| Posted 01.01.2010 | Technology

We just left the decade of the "Me-on-Web" generation. We are now beginning the "We-on-Web" generation. And it's not about killing your Web 2.0 self but changing it -- less about "you" and more about "us."

Online TMI: Five Ways You're Sharing Too Much Information

Posted 01.02.2010 | Technology

As online social technology improves, the amount that we can share about ourselves in real time is increasing almost every day �" but how much is to...

Recession Hangs Over This Year's CES

Posted 01.03.2010 | Technology

Electronics sales rebounded in the just-ended holiday season, but the industry's biggest event will still have the recession hanging over it. The Inte...

From iPod to Tablet, Apple Through The Decade (PHOTOS)

Posted 01.06.2010 | Technology

What would Steve Jobs do? That's a question that hangs over techno geeks as they gather for this year's Consumer Electronics Show, the gadgetpalooza t...

JUDICIARY 2.0 -- Prop. 8, YouTube and the Supreme Court

| Posted 01.12.2010 | Technology

YouTube aside, the Supreme Court sent a very loud and troublesome and altogether unacceptable message: We're stuck in the 20th century, technological changes be damned.

The Web Is Flat -- The World Responds to Haiti's Earthquake Online

| Posted 01.13.2010 | Technology

The Web is flat. Technology makes the world feel smaller and more connected, with the Internet serving as the hub of activity. Look at the response to Haiti's terrible earthquake.

Haiti Rebuilds -- The Birth of Global Citizen 1.0

| Posted 01.19.2010 | Technology

Haiti suffers as we watch, and it will rebuild during our watch. And an emerging online-connected global citizenry -- us -- must be asked to remain engaged in the weeks, months and years ahead.

Internet Freedom, Hillary Clinton and Being the Web's First Global Diplomat (VIDEO)

| Posted 01.21.2010 | Technology

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who can serve as the Web's first global diplomat, delivered the most important speech about Internet freedom given by a top U.S. official.

WATCH: White House Launches New iPhone App (PHOTOS)

Posted 01.25.2010 | Technology

*UPDATED* The iPhone has welcomed a new free app, and it belongs to the White House. "Today, we're excited to announce the new White House App avail...

Apple's Next Chapter (PHOTOS)

| Posted 01.27.2010 | Technology

No other electronics company -- no other technology company, really -- has dominated the past 10 years the way Apple has. Which, of course, explains the buzz surrounding Apple's latest creation.

Steve Jobs and Apple iPad Tablet -- It's the Content, Stupid!

| Posted 01.27.2010 | Technology

Memo to news organizations and publishers who think the glossy, state-of-the-art Apple tablet is the answer to your prayers. Steve Jobs sent a clear message during the launch of the new iPad: It's the content, stupid!

iPad? Or Something Else? Not Related to Apple Tablet

Posted 01.27.2010 | Technology

The Twitterverse is already abuzz with mocking the name of the latest Apple creation. But did the secretive folks at Apple waited until the last mi...

The Web Wants To Know: Where Are The 4,000 Missing Americans In Haiti?

| Posted 01.30.2010 | Technology

The Web is flat. Online, using social media, we've become each others' witnesses -- both in spreading the news of the Haitian earthquake and in responding to the tremendous need. And also in accounting for 4,000 Americans still missing.