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Entries by Joseph A. Palermo from 04/2009

The Obamas' Farewell Tour to Eight Years of Neo-Con Foreign Policy

| Posted 04.06.2009 | Politics

The beauty of seeing the President and First Lady treated like rock stars and royalty in Europe is that they are liberals who represent the exact opposite of what Bush and the neo-cons offered the world.

The Heritage Foundation Spreads Lies on YouTube About the Employee Free Choice Act

| Posted 04.09.2009 | Politics

The right to organize independent labor unions and to collectively bargain is what built the American middle class. The Heritage Foundation would like to take away that right.

Reporting From the Tea Bagger Hate-Fest in Sacramento

| Posted 04.15.2009 | Politics

The hatred was palpable today on the State Capitol's steps -- hatred for taxes, hatred for government, hatred for Democrats. But the most hated figure in Sacramento today was President Obama.

Jay S. Bybee: It's Not Torture If You Use A Caterpillar

| Posted 04.20.2009 | Politics

I never thought I would be having arguments with people about the merits of torture, which goes to show you how low Bush sunk the general level of American political discourse.

Torture: "It's Perfectly Legal -- But We Don't Do It"

| Posted 04.25.2009 | Politics

All of the torturers from the world's worst, most brutal regimes can now rise up and proclaim their solidarity with the United States: "We Are All Americans Now!"

From the California State Democratic Convention in Sacramento

| Posted 04.27.2009 | Politics

From the atmosphere over the weekend at the convention, one could get the impression that the Democratic Party's base is strong and the leadership of the State Legislature has made all the right moves.

Senator Arlen Specter (D-PA)

| Posted 04.28.2009 | Politics

Be forewarned: If you're gonna caucus with the Democrats, Arlen, you better start voting like one.