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Entries by Joseph B. Treaster from 11/2009

Clean, Safe Water For Two Cents A Day -- Not Bad, But Not Happening

| Posted 11.02.2009 | Green

Some experts think the number of people with unsafe drinking water could easily be 2 billion -- maybe even more. The statistics are fuzzy and no on really knows how bad it is. They just know it is bad.

Argentine River Cleanup Greeted With Skepticism: Can The Job Be Done?

| Posted 11.05.2009 | Green

Argentina has some of the most severe pollution in the world. The country's leaders have mainly ignored the issue and there has been little public clamor.

A Tree Breathes Rain, An Axe Brings It Down; Floods Sweep The Land

| Posted 11.15.2009 | World

MIAMI--This is the story of a tree and what it means to the water supply and to the global environment. It is an ancient story but it is also a story ...

In Land of Holy Rivers Getting Rid of Pollution May Have Low Priority

| Posted 11.19.2009 | Green

How could it be that a river is an object of worship, yet permitted to get dirtier and dirtier, to become a threat to the health of the very people who revere it, even bathing in and drinking it as part of their ritual?

Clean Water Is Good Business; But It's No Easy Sell

| Posted 11.26.2009 | Green

The problem of unsafe water around the world is enormous. Many experts say estimates of 1 billion people without consistent access to clean water are probably way low.

United Nations Food Leader On Defeating Hunger

| Posted 11.28.2009 | World

This year the number of poor people around the world struggling to get enough food for survival for themselves and their families has risen to a little more than a billion -- the highest level in 30 years.