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Entries by Joseph Romm from 11/2007

Washington Post Claims "Climate Is a Risky Issue for Democrats"

| Posted 11.06.2007 | Politics

The report focuses at length on the cost of the climate plans but hardly talks about the benefits at all -- and never mentions the costs of inaction: catastrophic global warming.

Anti-Environment, Anti-Technology Gingrich Tries to Rewrite History. Don't Buy It or His New Book.

| Posted 11.13.2007 | Politics

I can think of no single politician since Ronald Reagan who has done more to set back America's leadership in clean technology than Newt Gingrich.

Gingrich, Climate, and the New York Times

| Posted 11.16.2007 | Politics

Newt Gingrich is an anti-environmentalist who spreads disinformation and has done more than any politician in the last two decades to thwart a sensible climate policy that includes a major clean technology component.

MUST Read IPCC Report: Debate Over, Further Delay Fatal, Action Not Costly

| Posted 11.19.2007 | Politics

IPCC to world: The time to act is now or we risk destroying life on the Earth as we know it today!

NBC's Vast Green Wasteland or Lipstick on a Pig

| Posted 11.20.2007 | Media

NBC's green week comes down to the old false dichotomy: environment versus jobs.

Australian Denier Bites the Dust

| Posted 11.25.2007 | Politics
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Now we are the last industrialized nation with a leader who refuses to take any serious action -- hopefully that dubious distinction will be corrected in next year's presidential election.

Do You Want Tucker Carlson's Car?

| Posted 11.29.2007 | Media

It is yours for the taking, since he has offered perhaps the dumbest bet in TV pundit history (if not the entire history of the universe)...