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Entries by Josh Silver from 06/2005

Another Corrupt Congressman from Texas: The Next DeLay?

| Posted 06.13.2005 | Politics
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Backroom dealing between telcos and greedy elected officials has become the modus operandi of corporations seeking to protect their Internet fiefdoms from these municipal internet initiatives. Their aim is to paint Community Internet as an affront to American innovation and free enterprise. Legislators like Sessions have their hands out, ready to to introduce anti-access legislation, such as HR 2726, dictated to them word for word by their corporate masters.

PBS Controversy: The Bottom Line

| Posted 06.25.2005 | Huffington Post

We’re in this mess because public broadcasting policy is fundamentally flawed. The annual appropriation from Congress, the appointment of CPB board members by the President, increased dependence on corporate underwriters and other structures ensure that the public broadcasting will remain the victim of – rather than be insulated from – political and commercial pressures.