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Entries by Josh Silver from 05/2008

FCC Endorses Junk News, Calls Fox's TMZ and 700 Club 'Bona fide Newscasts'

| Posted 05.06.2008 | Media

Stamping junk news as genuine isn't new; Entertainment Tonight got its bona fide pass from the FCC in 1988.

Senate Votes to Reverse FCC Decision Allowing Media Consolidation

| Posted 05.16.2008 | Media

The Senate's vote reflects growing awareness -- in Congress and with average Americans -- of the perils of concentrated media ownership.

House Votes to Ban Pentagon Propaganda: Networks Still Silent

| Posted 05.24.2008 | Media

This is not the last time this media blight will rear its ugly head, and as long as it does, the American public will continue to be led by the nose to support disastrous wars, policies and politicians.