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Entries by Journalism Boot Camp from 07/2009

Middle East Christians Vie For Religious Freedom In Qatar, Egypt

| Posted 07.20.2009 | World

The estimated 175,000 Christians in Qatar are cautiously building the foundation to practice their faith within this conservative country in the Muslim world.

Booming Islamic Antiquities Market in the Gulf Leads to Thefts in Old Cairo Mosques

| Posted 07.21.2009 | World

Despite denials that the buying of pieces by Qatar helped fuel a black market, Egyptian officials say Gulf collectors are the reason Islamic heritage sites are being looted.

In Qatar and Egypt, Education Reform Means Learning In English

| Posted 07.22.2009 | World

English instruction in Qatar's schools, according to government plans, is to tailor students for higher education and jobs in English-language workplaces and universities.

Trapped in Qatar's Labor System, a Belgian Tweets for Help

| Posted 07.24.2009 | World

Bogaert remains in limbo. He cannot leave Qatar. He cannot work for another company in Qatar without permission from his sponsor. He has not been paid since last June.

Arab Divisions: New Trend in Guest-List Lifestyles Splits Arab Societies

| Posted 07.29.2009 | World

In the Qatari capital of Doha, the desert has transformed into lush, luxury communities. It is part of a trend in social segregation unlike anywhere else in the world.