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Entries by Karen Dalton-Beninato from 12/2007

Seasons Greetings from the Flyover States (and Thanks Brad Pitt)

| Posted 12.01.2007 | Healthy Living

Please consider heading south to New Orleans for the best live local music around: tourism is one of the most important components helping the artists who have made it home able to stay there.

Play it Again: New Orleans Musician's Donated Van Stolen

| Posted 12.05.2007 | Entertainment

When Cayetano (Tanio) Hingle applied for transportation from the New Orleans Musicians Relief Fund, a family in Baton Rouge had just decided to dona...

How to Guarantee Jennifer Aniston Won't Holiday With Your In-Laws

| Posted 12.06.2007 | Entertainment

You'll donate a substantial amount of time and money to rebuilding in New Orleans and here's what's going to happen next: Jennifer Aniston will not holiday with your in-laws and the U.N. will be loopy about you.

Brad Pitt: NOLA's Oprah

| Posted 12.11.2007 | Huffington Post

As Oprah Winfrey takes her Barack Obama support on the road, the celebrity currently courting 2008 candidates' involvement in New Orleans recovery is Brad Pitt.

New Orleans Musicians Charity Goes Greener

| Posted 12.13.2007 | Healthy Living

Two thirds of America is wary of where their New Orleans charity donations have gone, according to a new University of New Orleans survey, so this is ...

Hey, Come Back! Writers Guild Pickets in New Orleans as Pelosi and Reid Write Bush

| Posted 12.14.2007 | Entertainment

But as the strike lingers a major sore point for New Orleans is K-ville. Production on the Fox show was shut down shortly after the strike started.

In My Dreams You're Blowing Me ...

| Posted 12.21.2007 | Politics

. . . Some kisses from the New Orleans City Council." In the song Let's Duet from this weekend's Walk Hard, Dewey Cox sings about blowing kisses. You...

New Orleans Holiday Card to the Dutch: All This Could Be Yours

| Posted 12.23.2007 | Healthy Living

New Orleans would be 50 times safer from flooding with bigger, better dikes. Here are 12 photos from the last 24 hours to let the Dutch know what they would get in exchange for their protection.

How's Your House? BCS Championship and Sugar Bowl Tickets Benefit New Orleans Musicians

| Posted 12.24.2007 | Entertainment

In keeping with a Happy New Year, the same producer who made Ian Hunter's How's Your House Video has donated Sugar Bowl tickets to benefit the New Orleans Musicians Relief Fund. Really good tickets.

Come Kitty Kitty Come Come - The Doctor is Pissed

| Posted 12.29.2007 | Politics

You know you've been to a great show when the drummer introduces the headliner for his encore as "One pissed off motherfucker." In New Orleans last...