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Entries by Karen Dalton-Beninato from 05/2010

Of Avatar and Oil Leaks: A Mashup

| Posted 05.02.2010 | Entertainment

At first it was just the uber-businessman from Avatar I thought I heard coming through in British Petroleum's hole in the ocean floor responses, but it seems like there are more parallels by the day.

Subdudes Rock for New Orleans Musicians Relief Fund

| Posted 05.03.2010 | Impact

The Subdudes first show in New Orleans this year benefited the New Orleans Musicians Relief Fund, giving musical instruments and grants to musicians in the city.

Twitter as Newswire for Discussing BP Oil Disaster

| Posted 05.07.2010 | Media

As a potential containment lid lowers onto one of BP's line breaks, there's an active Twitter discussion of the disaster from big oil (BP America) to ...

New Orleans Stories Ripped from the Headlines

| Posted 05.10.2010 | Entertainment

With Episode 5, we're halfway through Season 1. Former Times Picayune reporter Lolis Eric Elie wrote this episode, so it's a good time to describe the headlines that may have inspired plotline

Gulf Aid and Concert for the Coast Rock for Cleanup This Weekend

| Posted 05.13.2010 | Entertainment

Looking to do your part in helping clean up the Gulf of Mexico post-BP Spill while festing?

President, Governor and Mayor Speak Out, and NYT Weighs In on That Smell

| Posted 05.14.2010 | Green

State, federal and oil company contracted scientists conclude that the Gulf air is untainted: "Who are you going to believe, us or your lying noses?"

Administration Writes BP Demanding Confirmation US Taxpayers Not Liable

| Posted 05.15.2010 | Green

Janet Napolitano and Ken Salazar have written the following letter to BP demanding clarification of whether the company intends to cover damages above its $75 million cap.

Sweet Update: New Orleans' Own Mr. Okra Gets a New Veggie Truck

| Posted 05.19.2010 | Impact

Tonight's d.b.a. event will have Mr. Okra back on the streets hawking his wares. The surprise of the evening will include an unveiling of a new truck for Mr. Okra.

On Exhaustion and a Month of Oil

| Posted 05.22.2010 | Green

Maybe it's a byproduct of watching live BP oil footage streamed from the ocean floor for too long, but it feels like desperate times call for desperate measures as the leak rolls on.

Businessman fought to get alternate solution to BP before Top Kill

| Posted 05.25.2010 | Business

As of Wednesday morning, The Top Kill effort has started. Baltimore foundry owner Don Sanchez has been trying to reach BP to ask them to hold off on ...

EXCLUSIVE: Deepwater Horizon Flyover Photos on the Day Top Kill Failed

| Posted 05.30.2010 | Green


A Quality YouTube Oil Spill Rant

| Posted 05.30.2010 | Green

More than 1,000 protesters gathered across from Jackson Square in New Orleans today (10,000 in Fox News numbers), this YouTube speech by activist Ian...