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Entries by Kate Kelly from 10/2009

The Boss Who Micromanages

| Posted 10.06.2009 | Politics

Except for the brief period when President Obama was off the plane and talking to Olympic officials, he probably read, talked to advisers, and possibly caught a badly needed nap.

Why Our 21st Century Keyboards Retain Vestiges of the Past

| Posted 10.13.2009 | Technology

Despite the fact that "a" is under our weakest finger, and the most-used letter "e" is off the home row, people adapt, and those who are going to become fast typists will do so regardless of layout.

A Little-Discussed Issue That Puts "Care" Back in Health Care Reform

| Posted 10.20.2009 | Politics

Legislation concerning the changes for the drug approval process on a special type of medicine (biologic medicines) could provide huge savings -- a major need with health care reform.

Helping Gloria Steinem Celebrate Her 75th Birthday

| Posted 10.27.2009 | Politics

Steinem was humble, displayed a wonderful sense of humor, and showed a strong dedication to continuing her work for social change. "Hope is a form of planning," she said.

Halloween: A Perfect Time to Think About Crime Detection

| Posted 10.30.2009 | Politics

As our minds fill with thoughts of ghosts and goblins, it seems a fitting time to think about the stories behind two of the tools of crime detection: DNA evidence and fingerprint identification.