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Entries by Kate Kelly from 02/2010

Think Today's Game of Football is Tough? Read This

| Posted 02.02.2010 | Politics

When the Saints and the Colts take the field this Sunday for Super Bowl XLIV, their uniforms and protective gear differ markedly from the gear worn by...

Winter Olympics: An Add-On to the Modern Games

| Posted 02.09.2010 | Sports

The athletes in the 1924 Olympics had no Ralph Lauren clothing to wear for the event, but they did have an American shield that was prominently displayed on each of their coats.

The Shared Experience: Big Events on Radio and TV

| Posted 02.16.2010 | Media

Part of the pleasure of watching events like the Super Bowl or the Olympics is the fact that we can share the experience with others. We compare notes...

Health Reform: Make Your Voice Heard

| Posted 02.23.2010 | Politics

Our health care costs average $8,000 per person, a shockingly high amount when compared to other countries. Health reform will make preventive care more accessible and will begin to halt the astronomical rise of premiums.

A Moment in Time: Education for Southern Blacks, 1940

| Posted 02.25.2010 | Politics

One Tenth of Our Nation was a documentary film about the state of Negro education in the South. to today's audiences the film stands as a clear reminder of how very shamefully African-Americans have been treated.